how to survive the in-between vibes of may’s new moon

generally being in-between things is not a good thing. or at least it doesn’t feel good. it’s unsettling and unfamiliar. and i think we tend to feel a bit paralyzed + freaked out by the unknown. or is it just me?

but, i have learned to have a change of heart.

what if the in-between time is not a time of worry + fret, but instead a gift of pause + peace?

hanging high above us, and yet unseen, is a beautiful new moon this weekend. and new moons mean new beginnings. new cycles. new opportunities.

however, if you have experienced 2016 like i have so far, the last thing that you want is yet another new beginning. enough already, right? if we have to begin again, what should we begin? must we actually begin something new? can’t we just be for a little while?

well, i say yes. yes, we can just be.

i feel it in my bones. or perhaps it’s a mystical, cosmic message to me from the hidden moon up above, but i really do believe that we can just take a breather for a minute. perhaps that is just the new beginning that we need. a push to learn to let ourselves just be as we move in-between actions/phases/opportunities/lessons.

perhaps we can just be. right here. right now. we can stop the hurrying and the rushing and just live for today. perhaps that is the lesson for us during this in-between new moon weekend. a whole new way to embrace the abundance of the present moment.

i mean, seriously, i am exhausted from the past few months. and i know that there is much to do (though i don’t know what all of it is quite yet). i neeeeed a little breather. yes, change is coming again.  but, can we really be prepared + ready to let it all come if we don’t slow down and pause for a tiny bit?

so, this weekend, as the new moon hangs above us, it is the perfect time to cast our eyes downward + inward, to connect to the earth and to our selves, to soak up all that is around us, and to simply be right here, right now.


lucky for me, i am headed to my last life coaching training weekend in just a few short hours. so i will literally be immersed out in the middle of nature, focusing only on listening to my soul + connected with others in deep conversations.

for all of us, though, there is no need to rush right now. after months of craziness, it’s time to just enjoy life a little. to retreat + relax + do what we love. to dwell in the fullness of this very moment. one moment at a time.

we have 15 days until the bright full moon of may brings her magical moon vibes to us. why don’t we just allow ourselves to pause + breathe + let whatever new thing, or change, that is coming just come? why don’t we just focus on  today? and realize that this in-between pause that the new moon brings us is a gift of grounding, of seeding, of nesting, of just being.

yes, this moment of in-between is uncomfortable, as all in-between times are. but, even in the midst of all of it’s uncomfortableness + uncertainty + mystery, it is a place that can bring us much needed rest + peace.

so, here are some tips* for surviving this in-between time + making the most of today’s new moon:

  • remain present // focus on today. on right now. only focusing on what has happened or what might happen causes us to miss out on what is happening right now. life is meant to be lived today. the sacred is found in every single little thing, every ordinary task, every breath that we take.
  • stay aware // strive to be conscious + awake. practice accepting what is and allow things to be as they are. observe. listen. read the signs that the world gives to you.
  • let go // just as the tides ebb + flow with the phases of the moon, allow yourself to flow with life. all things come + go. breathe deeply and stay true to who you are. as difficulties come, trust that they will go. there is a place of inner peace within us all that we can tap into + stay grounded a rooted.
  • embrace mystery // there is beauty + magic all around us. there is a connection that we have to each other + all living things that cannot be explained. observe it all. feel it all. embrace + soak it all in. and trust that, though we are different, and though things often do not make sense at all, there is an energy and a love that not only remains, but that is bigger than anything else. that is the mystery that is life.

so, right now. wherever you are. join me in taking a deep, cleansing breath. pause + just be you. a whole new life story is about to begin.

happy weekend, lovelies. remember to take it easy. slow down. relax + retreat. and, here’s a perfect little video/song to set the mood…

xoxo. liz.

enjoy a playlist of more calming, inspiring music for resting + grounding during this in-between time –> here


*tips from this blog post




4 thoughts on “how to survive the in-between vibes of may’s new moon

  1. This post was amazing. I didn’t know all this moon stuff was going on but I could totally feel it. It has been a pretty wild year already and I feel like it’s going to continue that way. I feel more change coming and it is a bit scary. I like your tips. Staying aware is a really good one. Have a nice weekend Liz!

  2. Oh I love this! I feel the exact same way you do – simply exhausted from all the changes (not all positive but changes nonetheless) and can’t wait for a breather. The entire world just feels like I’m rushing from one thing to another and I simply cannot do it anymore. Breathe, exhale, inhale, breathe…

    1. My weekend was exactly the breather I needed, but now it’s go go go again! Trying to maintain balance on an everyday basis! Good luck to you too. xoxo

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