I don’t need life coaching, but I am still seeking meaning

This week’s post in my little series on introducing life coaching is dedicated to things other than life coaching. Hang with me, now. Yes, I offer life coaching services, but there are other ways that we can collaborate as well.

I have narrowed the focus of my purpose down to inspiration. That is, to use who I am + what I am trained/educated to do in inspiring others, especially when it comes to living a mindful + meaningful life. How I seek to inspire is open to many different opportunities for working together.

So, today, I want to share with you all of the “other things” that I work with. All of the services/offerings that I have for you to work with me. Alrighty, here we go!


Life Coaching (this is the obvious one, but I thought I’d still summarize it again)

Life coaching is about helping others to help themselves. It is a journey of self-discovery. Of discovering who we are + what we want through through focused, goal-oriented conversations . It is about coming alive to our own lives.

As an educator, theologian, and life coach, I believe that following one’s bliss + changing one’s life often involves developing one’s spirituality, or one’s connection with her own soul.  It is a lifelong transformation + journey occurring at the deepest of the core of who we are. And who we are, deep within, is pure light, love, and possibility.

A life coach works to provide tools and support us in finding our own answers. It is about helping us realize + bring forth all of the power that already lies within us. A life coach challenges us to take the necessary steps towards the desired change. The idea is to release, through life coaching sessions, our full potential in order to achieve the goals and the life that we dream of. Our individual goals and interests are at the center of it all, and through coaching, we realize that we have all of the answers already within us. A life coach simply helps us to discover the power within to create the life that we want.

Regular sessions are usually 60 minutes long, every 2 weeks, or as we determine is best for you. The usual number of sessions is 3,6, or 8. Again, together we decide what is needed and what is best. Sessions are available in person, by phone, or via Skype.

my spring equinox ritual from last year

Rituals + Meditations for everyday life

Rituals and meditations are beautiful, ancient ways of celebrating everyday life. They bind us together and lift us up, taking regular ordinary moments and making them extraordinary. Rituals and meditations reminds who we are and who we are called to be.

These are opportunities for me to create small moments for you to celebrate or mark special moments in life. Having a ritual helps us to find the sacredness and magic in even the most mundane, ordinary things. This, in turn, brings deeper meaning and connection to our lives and to each other.

These smaller ceremonies and/or meditations can be tailored to an individual’s specific needs. They are created with the intention that you carry out the ritual/ceremony or meditation yourself. In certain special circumstances, upon request, would I be honored to be present to help preside.

Examples: Midsummer rituals, Winter’s solstice meditation, Thanksgiving celebration, New home blessing, Birthday rituals, Releasing ceremony… basically your imagination is the limit!

Marriages + Commitment ceremonies for all couples

I am a deeply spiritual person, not connected to any faith tradition; but, instead drawing on the vast amount of ancient and modern traditions of all kinds that allow us to connect with our souls and with the Love that unites us all. Marriage is an example of a special, sacred union that, I believe, should be available for all people.

So, be it a big wedding with lots of guests, or a small intimate wedding, or a commitment ceremony, or a renewal of vows, if you are looking for someone to officiate your wedding and tailor it to your needs, then I would be so honored to be able to lead your sacred moment and celebrate your love.

*I am certified as an ordained minister in the American Marriage Ministries organization in the United States. It is important for us to check, if you live in another country, if I can legally marry you. If not, then I can still do a ceremony after you have been through the “legal” process.


I have worked as a non-ordained minister in churches for 10 years, both in the US & in Sweden. I also have a Master’s of Divinity degree, having studied theology and religion for four years. Even with all of my work within a church in the past, my beliefs are wide and varied. But they boil down to a deep knowing that love is what is most important in this life – love for ourselves and for each other. And that life is to be celebrated, even in death.

Should you want to have a memorial to celebrate the life of one who has passed away, then I would be deeply honored to meet with you to arrange a meaningful and personal ceremony with you.

Naming ceremonies

Names are powerful symbols. If you are looking to mark the naming of a child, or the re-naming of yourself or someone else, please contact me. I would love to celebrate this symbolic occasion by planning a small ceremony of rituals to usher in this new phase in life.

Dreams + plans to be coming soon:

→ Vision Board Retreats

→ Small Groups on Meetup

→ My memoir

So, my friends, this is just a little introduction to the things that I do, the things that I work with. My main goal is to help you discover all of the little ways that you can find meaning in your life. Should you have any questions or ideas please feel free to contact me!

xoxo. liz.

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