i just can’t stop.


it’s gonna be a big year. exciting. potentially dream-making. i have no idea how, i just know it. if you don’t understand what i’m saying. it’s ok. neither do i. it’s just a feeling i have. intuition. i just know that, come what may, all will be well. and so, i just can’t stop posting these new year posts. i’m feeling so excited that i can’t be quiet. i wanna share it all with you…

but for now, i’ll just ask for your positive vibes, your prayers, & your thoughts. and in the meantime, i’ll send all that right back to you! y’all know that y’all are the best readers a gal could ask for, right?!

peace & love.

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  1. You know….I’ve a similar feeling…not sure how or what exactly but, I’m with you!! Happy New Year a few days late and Happy Epiphany today!! I’d love to talk theology with you at some point…I attend an Episcopal church though i feel more like an Episcopagan than an Episcopalian…So if you’re ever interested go to my gravatar for my email address. I love your posts and the light and love you send out to all of us. My best to your love as well!!

  2. hehe! episcopagan… i love that! i am totally understandning what you mean by that. i never really know if i fit in in the church or not, even though i work in one.

    thank you for your kind words! i’d love to chat with you! πŸ™‚

  3. I also have an intuition that this year will be great for many reasons. I don’t know, we will just have to make the best out of it!

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