Into The Wild: The day I did everything wrong + let my creative spirit run free

This week I am in  the middle of a little creative challenge that I have given myself. I am filming a little bit each day with the idea of creating a little “what Liz’s week look like” video this weekend. And, so far, I am having so much freaking fun with it.

So, as Wednesday rolled around, I was super excited about my weekly cathedral visit. Not only because of my insane love for the cathedral, but also because I had the challenge + opportunity to film a bit during my visit. Spirit + creativity all in one visit! Be still my soul.



Needless to say, I went all in. I walked everywhere, filmed everything. I even set up a little place for my camera to hang off of the candelabra so I could film myself + talk a bit. I almost set my sleeve on fire in the process. I also did the same thing in a little chapel area. Not the almost fire, but the setting up my camera thing. I am sure what I was doing could have been construed by someone as offensive, but I didn’t care. I was just wrapped up in sharing this space through my camera. Of creating + being + soaking it all in.



Since Wednesday, I have thought a little about the kick of inspiration + creativity flowing through my veins during and after my little photography/videography session at the cathedral.

I didn’t do any meditating or praying – in the traditional sense – while I was there. But, I will fight you on the matter if you don’t think that what I did was meditative. Because it was.


Photography + videography may seem to take one out of the moment, but, for me, it makes me even more aware and awake than ever. It begs me to pay attention to what is happening right in front of me. It is the best way for me to create a mindful presence. It gives me a sense of grounding and peace. It brings me close to the divine because in the moments that I create a photo or shoot a video, I am capturing a moment that has captured my soul. I am documenting my spirituality.

And, if I share my photo or video with the world, then it is my way of sharing a bit of my soul with you. And, within that, perhaps you just might find a bit of yourself. You just may feel something – a connection, an emotion, a question. But, in the sharing, we are bound together by the magical, mystical spirit that runs through us all.



Photography and videography (along with writing) are the ways that I connect with + express my soul. I may not be the best, but it’s not about being the best. It’s about being true to my creative spirit. About finding + embracing all the ways that I feel grounded and at peace. And it is about letting those passions run as wild + free as they wish.

What are the things that touch your spirit and help your express your soul? What moves you + grounds you? What inspires you? Talk to me, dear ones.

xoxo. liz

My video will be uploaded to YouTube on Sunday!

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