it’s a double rainbow day!

“Bottom line here: the federal ban on recognizing same-sex marriages is dead. California’s ban on recognizing same-sex marriages is dead. There are 12 states in the country where this is now legal, and the political winds on this are blowing so hard in one direction that the idea that we will go back is almost unimaginable in any state in the country … This is now decided as a nation. The argument is won.” – Rachel Maddow

slide_305042_2621213_freemy dear friends & family, it happened. i still can’t believe it. i am shocked and overwhelmed! it feels unreal and unbelievable! i truly never would have imagined that this would have happened like it did. i admit, that i was avoiding thinking about it, for the fear of getting my hopes up and then crushed.

buuuut. the supreme court decided today to err on the side of equality and did away with discrimination in favor of love!

today, when the justices opinions were read, i started shaking. and crying. and laughing. all at once. lina and i looked at each other. we just stared, mouths gaping wide open. was it for real? did they just say that in that moment we went from being unrecognized as a married couple to a bi-national couple in a legal, legitimate, recognized marriage?! i felt such peace and excitement sweep over me. somehow complete, knowing that both of our home countries now saw us as equal to all others. yes. DOMA was now dead.

slide_305042_2621215_freei sat glued to my computer screen, listening to the newscasters, plaintiffs, lawyers, pundits, and everyone else talking about what had happened. it felt as if the whole country was in shock. and then, about 20-30 minutes later, the second decision came: the judges said that they couldn’t rule on prop 8, effectively saying that same-sex marriage would return to the west coast state. seriously? two favorable rulings? it felt as if it couldn’t be true.

i skyped with my parents, who were beside themselves with joy, as they watched the same newscast we did from across the ocean. and then we heard them say on tv the words which we already knew, but were dying to hear…

effective immediately, the federal government will recognize marriages of lesbian and gay couples. DOMA is found unconstitutional, which means victory for same-sex bi-national couples. what does that mean?! it means that, as an american citizen, i can petition for a green card for my wife now, just like heterosexual couples have always been able to do! lina will have the right to live in the states based on our marriage – just like i have the right in sweden!

slide_305042_2621235_freeof course, this doesn’t mean that everything is fine & dandy for everyone, everywhere. in fact, in north carolina (as sick as this is gonna sound), our marriage will still not be legally recognized. and we will not receive the same rights in the state. still, by the time we need to perhaps petition for a green card, either we will decide to move to a state where we are counted, or nc will have made things all legal and good there too. no need to worry too much right now.

so, though there is much work left to be done to ensure full legal, equal rights for all couples in all places at all times, tonight i celebrate! tonight, i am still blown away and amazed. and i’m just soaking in the fact that the supreme court got it right.

slide_305042_2622663_freetonight we stop & pause to realize that love is love is love. that there are no second class citizens. that, finally  in the us, no marriage is better than the other.

and all of this because of one, little, amazing old woman… fighting for her right to be treated equally after the love of her life, her wife, passed away. thanks to edith windsor, the us is a more equal and loving place tonight.


get this: today just happens to be my parents’ 42nd wedding anniversary and our 3 1/2 year anniversary (we were married on december 26, 2009)!

and i just can’t help but be aware of the fact that this is the most amazing welcome home gift that the states could give to us! what timing! three weeks before we arrive, our marriage is made legitimate in the eyes of the us government. thank you!

love and peace and rainbows.

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  1. OMG!!!

    I was SOOOOOOOOOOOO worried that SCOTUS was going to lean towards the right on this one!

    YAY!!!!!! For all of us!

    Equality first! Love matters!

    Hooray for you & Lina- & to over-turning old, bigoted, & just plain mean ideas!

  2. Wooooo!!! Lots of perfect timing going on, and so very happy for you both!
    … would you ever post about your engagement, and wedding, where, how, is it full marriage, how long had you been together before you knew you wanted to marry… sorry, lots of questions… it’s a topic on my mind 😉
    Anyway… woo woo for you both! AND everyone else out theretoo!

    1. Ah ha… I see what’s rolling around in your pretty little brain! Of course, I’ll post about our beginnings & marriage – it is a real marriage, marriage, by the way. There’s nothing in between in Sweden (where we got married)! Thanks for asking!! xo

  3. This is a huge thing for the world!! And the best welcome home pressie ever 🙂 Now we can only hope Australia will get its act together!

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