it’s my four year blogaversary!

hi friends! turns 4 today!

on the 1st of april 2011, i began this crazy, beautiful, wonderful blogging journey and here i am, four years later, still going strong. and loving every single moment that i get to blog + read + create + meet people. what began as a simple diary of my new life as an american in sweden, has turned into a true love of writing + even inspired the beginning of my own book.

so, since i’ve got so many plans and ideas for the future, today, i’m not going to do any looking back over the past four years at all. no celebrating where i have been. for that is all here on the blog. right now, it’s all about looking forward. about moving ahead and following the next part of my path in life. it’s time to dream and work and cast my eyes on the vision that is before me, while i focus on that ever-so-delicate balance of also living in the present moment.

still, it’s my blogaversary, and i do want to do something to celebrate. and i want to celebrate with you.

so, i’ve created a little mini blog challenge. fun, right?! i invite you all to join in with me over the next 7 wednesdays, if you’d like. i’ve created a little list of post ideas, one for each wednesday, and i’d love for you to take part in the challenge with me to simply write one blog post every wednesday for the next 7 wednesdays on each of the prompts that i have shared in the image below. my hope is that over the next 7 weeks we will meet new bloggers, feel inspired, leave + receive comments, create images, and grow our love of blogging + our blogging community.

now, if you don’t have a blog, then you are more than welcome to take part in this challenge on instagram. i’ll be posting there as well. it’ll just be a bit shorter than my post here on the blog.  and, i you don’t have a blog or instagram, then feel free to share your answers/”posts” as a comment here on my blog.

belovelive blogaversary

this blogaversary celebration is open to any and everyone! i am so looking forward to the opportunity for us to make new blogging and instagram connections, plus following through with challenges that get our creative juices flowing. think of it as a 7 week party together!

just in case you need it, here are a few tips/rules if you are interested in participating (and i so hope you are!). in addition to making friends, hopefully there is something in this challenge celebration that will challenge you on your blog or give you a chance to enhance something you are already doing.


// follow my blog on bloglovin here.  you can follow me on instagram here if you like.

// once we start posting next wednesday, start following other blogs and if someone comments on your blog with the hashtag #beloveliveblogaversary, then visit them back and comment.

// this will be a live link party starting april today (and happening every wednesday through the 20th of may), so don’t forget to come back and link up! (more info on that soon!)

that’s it! let’s celebrate!!


onwards + upwards! xoxo


10 thoughts on “it’s my four year blogaversary!

    1. Oh, Kate, thank you so much! That means the world to me to hear! Light and love to yous.

  1. What a fun idea! If I have time / sufficient wifi, I might join in on these on My Asheville Life… Oh I’m starting that bad boy back up in June! You inspired me to be more personal and now I miss it! LOVE YOU and HAPPY BLOGAVERSARY!

    1. So glad you like it – and that’s be super fun if you joined in… if you can, given your current situation. Hehe. And YAY for restarting your personal-focused Asheville blog. I’m here to inspire. 😉 Love!

  2. Ahhh what an anniversary to celebrate! I love what you have created here so much!
    I won’t join in right now, the next few weeks are going to be uphill manic… (and by your last Wednesday I’ll be ON MY HONEYMOON!!!)
    I’ll love following though, of course!

    1. I have been thinking about your wedding day approaching – it’s all so exciting!! I am so happy for your two lovely chicks!

      Thank you for always being such a faithful follower and commenter and blogging friend. Love to you! xoxo

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