it’s the last time you’ll here it from me.

my vacation is officially over in about 30 minutes.

yep. back to work in the morning. but not before i squeezed everything i could out my weekend. and what a weekend it was! dancing with my wife, a photography gig, awesome music, wine, a wedding, the closing ceremony of the olympics, and some time to just relax a little.

friday: went to a concert, took pictures for them, and filled my soul with music.

saturday: got a haircut & went to a wedding.

i should be asleep by now, but i’m totally absorbed with the closing ceremony… it’s freaking amazing! gonna be an early morning & a long first day . but, ya know what? i’m pumped!

good night, all. peace. 

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    1. Well, I only work 50%/half-time, which isn’t great for the bank account, but doable. I’m working hard to sell myself so I can work more, at the same time I cherish the time that I have to write and blog. When I have more to do, I have to work hard to prioritize time to write, but I always seem to squeak it in. 😉

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