i realized today when i was at work, that i needed some tunes to get me pumped. to give me a little pep. i was cleaning and organizing the youth room, and had nothing else to listen to except my super fun summer playlist – an eclectic mix of songs that i put together sometime in may. it’s truly a great playlist, but it’s time for a change. a new mix. i mean, summer’s coming to a close and all of those songs now remind me of different moments & memories i’ve made over the past 3 months. but, now, the season is changing and it’s time to make some new memories, time to have some new tunes blasting from my speakers.

here’s where all of you come in.

i’m thinking that instead of picking the same ole artists (who i truly love & will always return to again & again), it is time to discover some new talent, get some new inspiration, and have some new go-to songs to pep me up when it’s time to get busy.

and here’s what i’m looking for: whatever you love to listen to.

gimme your faves. gimme some tips. all kinds of music. songs that cheer you up. songs that inspire you. songs that make you wanna dance. songs that make you cry. songs that remind you of fall. songs you love to drive to. songs you listen to late at night, or when it’s raining. songs that warm your soul. songs that you rock out to. songs that you just discovered. or songs that you listen to year after year. all kinds of music. classics, indies, singer/songwriter, rap, musicals, easy listening, instrumental, hip hop, oldies, pop, meditation, global, country, bluegrass, showtunes, alternative, rock… whatever. whatever you feel. whatever you love most. just leave me a comment here.

i’ll gather all of your suggestions after 48 hours, put them together into one playlist, and then publish it here. then we’ll have this super eclectic mix that we share with each other. like woodstock on my blog.

blogstock 2012 begins now!

c’mon everybody… gimme gimme some lovin’.ย โ™ฅ

peace, love, & music, man.


Have you ever listened to Carole King? Her Tapestry album is loaded with great songs. I think you would appreciate her rougher voice and self-piano accompaniment. Did you know she wrote “You’ve got a friend”? That is on there too. It is hard to go wrong with Simon and Garfunkel harmonies. I love singing along to alternate parts on The Boxer. Some of their early stuff has fascinating lyrics with social commentary that might be interesting to hear some 40 or so years later. Some I can come up with are A Most Peculiar Man and one that I think is called Mr. Leary (but I didn’t see it listed on Wikipedia). Another one of my old favorite singers was Cat Stevens. You don’t seem to hear him much on oldies (not that I listen to them enough to make an educated comment about it.) He sang Peace Train, Moon Shadow, Morning Has Broken etc. His lyrics don’t always make sense to me but he has a nice voice. Strauss waltzes are always a good pick me up, and might make you want to dance (a waltz–ha ha). John Michael Talbot has a beautiful voice and might feed your spiritual soul. He has a “cover” album of songs/hymns he did not write called Table of Plenty, where each song is done in a different style. For instance one sounds like Hakuna Matata with African drums, some have ornate accompaniments and others are very simple. Troubadour of the Great King is an earlier album that I have enjoyed with songs he has written (very mellow!). A couple of classical guitarists worth listening to are Christopher Parkening and Sharon Ibsen (who I believe is from MN). The Kings Singers are a very talented a cappella men’s ensemble. Since they do a lot of dynamic changes they are best appreciated in a quiet environment (not my car, for instance). You should check out the Norwegian song Barn av Regnbuen. It was originally a Pete Seeger song, which was translated by De Lillo (I think is his name). You will love the message of that song!!! Carissa gave me a nice CD called Kรคrleksรฅnger till ett Barn. It has a different artist on each track, so there is a nice variety on it. It has more lullabies than dance music!

I am pretty sure you will not get these suggestions from your other readers…but I offer them for your consideration. I hope if you are interested they are available digitally ๐Ÿ™‚

wow! what a list! and i believe that i’m familiar with most, but not all of them. ๐Ÿ™‚ thank you for all the tips! i’m so excited!

Mom’s comment inspired me to add “Help Me” and “California” by Joni Mitchell. If you don’t already listen to her!

Hey Steph! Thanks for the tips. I loooove Missy Higgins, and I can’t decide which track(s) to include in my playlist. What is your favorite?! ๐Ÿ™‚

Awseome idea! I picked “Vox Populi” by 30 Seconds to Mars as my theme song for 2012 and I listen to it whenever I need encouragement, when I want to give up and I just need that one push to set one foot in front of the other. “Did you ever believe? Were you ever a dreamer?” they ask. “Hell, yeah!” is what I’m saying ๐Ÿ™‚

Okay Liz:


The XX (original CD)

Imogen Heap- Frou Frou- Details CD

Imogen w/Urban Species- Blanket (you’ll love this)

Zero 7- basically all- especially with Sia (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ddndSXy0Qgc)
Home, Somersault, The Space Between

Sia- I love all of it-you decide

Gemma Hayes- Let It Break CD

Mandalay- Insensible

Shine- Rest Your Head On Me

Bird York- In The Deep

Paramore- The Only Exception

Delerium feat. Sarah McLachlan- Silence (standard cd version)

William Orbit/Beth Orton, Water From A Vine Leaf

Beth Orton: Sweetest Decline, Pass In Time, Central Reservation


Gemma Hayes- Night on my Side.

A mix & you’ll have to listen. I like, Hanging Around, Back of my Hand, Ran For Miles.

Angelfish (early Shirley Manson)

Garbage- every CD they made!!!



Chinese Burn (give it time)

Faรฎt AccomplI

Evanescence: Fallen All Good

I could go on forever. Giving you past- now, L…..

girl, you are crazy and it has ben soooo awesome to listen to all of your suggestions! THANK YOU!

Funny thing is, Liz- you’re only getting what’s been making the recent rounds- I may have the most eclectic music library around. I also tend to “like” stuff generally long after it’s release (maybe because I only listen to commercial-free, listener supported internet radio?). They tend to lag a tad behind the mainstream (like me- lol)…

That being said- I forgot one I just really think you’ll adore:

Flunk~ Morning Star- the entire CD.

In fact, everyone reading here should have a listen- just the the coolest, most chill music- evah!


ps- love the lists here- reminded me of some goodies I’d not heard in a while!

Franco Morone : Sunset Song, Flowers from Ayako

Seal : Kiss from a rose + all songs from his latest album

K’s Choice : Not An Addict

Sarah Bettens : Win Me Over

Amanda Marshall : Marry Me

Train : Drops of Jupiter

Joshua Radin : I’d Rather Be With You

Gavin DeGraw : I Don’t Wanna Be, Follow Through, More Than Anyone, Nice To Meet You Anyway

Graham Colton – Best Days

Matt White – Love

Ben Taylor – Cover of By Your Side (Sade)

Sade – Anything from her is amazing…especially for bedroom activities, lol

Jason Mraz – Live High

Tristan Prettyman – Love, Love, Love

Jackson 5 – I Want You Back – Love this one

Jack Johnson – In Between Dreams album – my fave for country / long distance driving

Okay…so these are on my playlist right now

Something completely new to you, at leat I think so. Eliana burki, heartbeat. A cool Swiss chick giving the auld alphorn a new jazzy revival.
And an all time favourite: she’s like the wind sung by Patrick swayzee on the dirty dancing soundtrack. I’ll cry on the first few beats!


Here are some of my faves:

Alanis Morrissette – Thank You, You Learn
Anna Nalick – Breathe (2 AM)
Biz Markie – Just a Friend
Blind Melon – No Rain
Bobby Mcferrin – Don’t Worry, Be Happy
Bob Dylan – Mr. Tambourine Man, Don’t Think Twice It’s Alright
Bob Marley – Three Little Birds
Bright Eyes – Bowl of Oranges, First Day of My Life
Cake – Short Skirt, Long Jacket
Cali Swag District – Teach Me How To Dougie
Cat Stevens – If you want to sing out, sing out
Eagles – Witchy Woman
Ella Fitzgerald – ANYTHING!
Fleetwood Mac – Rhiannon, Dreams
Florence and the Machine – Shake it Out
Foster the People – Pumped up Kicks
Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
Fun. – We are young
India Arie – Heart of the Matter, Video
Ingrid Michaelson – Lady in Spain
Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
Jennifer Knapp – Trinity
Joni Mitchell – Both Sides Now, California, Case of You, All I Want, Big Yellow Taxi
Kate Nash – Mariella
KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See
Lady Gaga – Born This Way
La Roux – Bulletproof, Growing Pains
Mamas and the Papas – Dream a LIttle Dream of Me
Mamuse – Hallelujah,Red Bud, Chico Gospel, Sacred Breath
The Mountain Goats – This Year
Mumford and Sons – The Cave
Noah and the Whale – Five Years Time
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Under the Bridge
Regina Spektor – Us, Fidelity
Rent (musical) – Take me or Leave me
Sade – By Your Side
Salt N Pepa – Push it
She and Him – YOu Really Got A Hold On Me
Stevie Wonder – Signed, Sealed, Delivered (I’m Yours)
Tegan and Sara – Livingroom, Dancing in the dark, Not Tonight
The Temptations – Can’t Get Next To You, Aint to proud to beg
Train – Hey Soul Sister
Ike and Tina Turner – Proud Mary
Weezer and Sara Bareilles – If You’re Wondering If I Want You To
Wicked (the musical) – For Good
Yael Naim – New Soul

There are more where that came from but I’ll stop here for your convenience lol

I used to put on the Pointer Sisters’ Break Out album if I wanted to pump up. Kenny Loggins’ live version of Footloose on the Live from the Redwoods CD. Inspirational, love Justin Haywards’ version of “This is the Moment”. Jai Uttal’s early stuff, especially love Beggars and Saints. Brent Lewis’ Earth Tribe Rhythms. Paul Winter’s Earthbeat or Common Ground…

gaahh.. i couldn’t find some of the meditation-y-ish ones, but i found the artists & got stuck listening to tons of great mediation music anyway. ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks for your contributions!!

Oh that’s too bad because I was naming the lively stuff from some folks who also do meditation things. Glad you enjoyed the meditational foray — they’re good at that too.

[…] the other day i asked for some of your favorite music; and today, thanks to all of your suggestions, is the premiere of the belovelive playlist! it is an unbelievably eclectic playlist inspired by you all, from all over the world. and i think that is awesome!! you guys have amazing taste in music. it’s all over the place, and i love that. […]

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