it’s time to make a move: embracing our truth under a new moon

tonight, we’ve got a magic new moon up in the sky above us.

during a new moon, the moon reaches its minimum brightness. it is the lunar phase that occurs when the moon, in its monthly orbit around the earth, is between the earth and the sun. therefore, at this time, the dark (unilluminated) portion of the moon faces almost directly toward Earth, so that the moon is not visible to the naked eye.


photo from flickr. an almost new moon.

with new moons, the seeds of change are planted. truths are revealed. while full moons call us to take risks, to think big, to be bold and to take action. new moons call us inwards (perfect timing this week for having just gone through discombobulating mercury retrograde). they can be used as times of retreat, times to draw near to nature. to let our wild, free spirits frolic about. they are times for self-discovery, revelation, and new beginnings. fantastic times to set intentions.

this new moon is extra special, though, because of what we’ve just been through:

the last, powerful full moonmercury retrograde have given us lots of information and confusion, all of which are barely just beginning to make sense. but with the previous full moon + the end of the mercury retrograde period (but, remember, we are still in it’s shadowy, reflective phase), we have also been given a big ole burst of energy to propel us forward. do you feel it?!

i do. i am itching to get down to business. my business. the things that i feel most called to do, the ways that i am called to live my life.

i am so glad to be done with the retrograde, glad to be done with the waiting and absorbing and digging in, and ready to begin the manifesting and making shit happen phase.

now, that doesn’t mean that i have everything figured out about my life. i still feel confused, but i no longer feel stuck. i’m ready to move forward. i’m ready to continue learning as i set off on this next phase of my journey.

which is exactly what this moon energy is all about. big changes are possible, my friends, if we are willing to channel our motivation + set off on our own path, embracing our own truth. yep, this new moon tonight is here to spill out it’s energy onto us,  giving us confidence and hope.


photo found here.

i have been trying to listen and observe and feel and tap into my soul lately. and i just feel that i cannot wait any longer. i’m inspired. i’m determined. i’m energized. i am peaceful and calm inside, and yet antsy and anxious all at the same time. but, it’s a good kind of anxiety. motivational anxiety. like i am only a week out from the beginning of an amazing journey.

people, it’s time to make our dreams a reality. 

there is so much energy swirling around in the air right now. from this inspiring, empowering new moon to the light + warmth + life that comes from the summer solstice, which occurs in just a few days (there is tons of energy + newness + light with those of you experiencing the winter solstice too). the whole earth is buzzing with energy. and that energy is spilling over into our lives, just waiting for us to bottle it and put it to use in our lives.

some of you, like me, may even be finding it hard to sleep. last night at midnight i still was not ready to go to bed. and my eyes popped open this morning at 5:30, feeling rested + energized + positive. i’m telling you, if we just remain aware. if we slow down and observe what we see + what we feel, then we will get wrapped up in this energy, and it will give us all that we need to push forward. to follow our dreams.

what is most important, my dear friends, is that who you are is exactly who you are supposed to be. you are an amazing person, with so much potential. and you have all of the power that you need within you already. what’s happening in nature is simply something to inspire you to chase after those dreams, to embrace your true self, and to live life to the fullest.


the sunset from my apartment building at 10:45 pm: energy!

so,in order to capture all of this energy and begin to live our truth, it’s a good idea to take a few moments to just be today. it’s time to tune into the messages that we have been receiving. to listen + feel + to prepare ourselves to leap forward.

today it’s all about gathering all of that information + all of that energy in one place. unplug for a little while to day + go to your inner sacred space. take some deep breaths and let your bare feet feel the grass today. prepare yourself for the energy + possibilities that are on the horizon.

today is about trusting those dreams that we’ve had forever, that we keep dreaming but never acting upon. we already have everything we need. we are already equipped to live the life that we want. we are empowered people.

so, today, we sit and let everything come together. we set our intentions for living an authentic life. and then, beginning tomorrow we run with it… because it’s time!

remember, though, to just live life. to enjoy it. to embrace it. change is coming, if we let it, but it will not happen overnight. our dreams, our authentic lives are out there, and they are within reach. so breath deep, remember your truth, stay aligned, and let the changes begin!

happy new moon blessings to you all!

onwards +upwards!

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