Life is everything all at once: Corona Diaries

I think what Covid-19 and staying home is teaching me the most, so far, is that it is everything all at once. Life, that is. It is horrible and worrisome and beautiful and hopeful all at the same time. In other words, what this pandemic is showing me is the fullness of life. And, I’m left with the choice to decide how I want to show up in the midst of it all. The question is: do I want to embrace + fully live all of life? Or do I want a watered down, comfortable life of ease? Am I willing to dive deep into all that life offers? Or do I just want to skim the surface? Can I abide in the midst of the messiness of it all – and still feel peace?

It feels like, as each day passes, I am beginning to consciously put into practice beliefs that I have had for as long as I can remember. Beliefs in a life that is grounded, anchored, and yet able to flow naturally with the rhythms and cycles of nature. But, for the first time, it feels like I am embodying them, making them real. Not that anyone else can see this, I suppose. But, I feel a shift inside of me.

And, honestly, the reason I am able to do this is not because of some great power I have discovered. And it’s not because I’m amazing either. It’s because of Covid-19. And the situation that we all find ourselves in these days. A situation that we can do nothing about. So the only thing left to do is to decide how to live in the middle of it all. That’s all that we have control over.

And, because I have no control over what else happens all around me…. the circumstances, the sickness, the isolation, the actions + reactions of others… then the only thing I can affect is how I show up, respond, and experience it all. I have no control over the situations, but I most definitely have control over my attitude + my energy.

Of course, I’ve known these things all along. For as long as I can remember, as I said. But, life, on a planet gripped by a pandemic + all the ways it has changed our everyday lives, is forcing me to choose. Now has been the time for me to practice what I preach. Or to sink into anger, boredom, and/or despair. To show up + live into the life a grounded, anchored life that flows in tune with the rhythms of life + the cycles of nature. In spite of + in the middle of financial fears, health worries, new levels of stress, boredom + sadness, disappointment + fear.

Because, in reality, that is life. Life is all of those things – along with all of the beauty + joy that is also to be found.

And, I choose to live in the fullness of life. I choose to embody my soul + trust in the mystery of it all. I choose to sit with my feelings, face the bad stuff, and stay present so I can discover the beauty. Because it’s all there. It’s all a part of it all.

I’m starting to believe that Covid-19 has much to teach us…. if we dare to open ourselves up to the lessons. Things like: Climate change. Living in the present moment. Dealing with stress. Prioritizing our lives. Slowing down. The importance of family. Cooking + nesting. Simplicity…. and so much more.

We’ll be in this mess for a while now. So, in my opinion, we might as well see what we have to learn from it all. And, anyway, this is the messiness of life that simply is. This is the fullness of life. Life really is everything all at once. Perhaps, the biggest thing that Covid-19 is teaching me is simply to be present in the middle of it all. And, that, if I want to experience the fulness of life, then I must accept the beauty of it all: the light + dark, the fear + joy.

With all of that said, here’s a little walk through my week that helped me to unearth these thoughts from my soul. And a few snapshots of how, in the midst of the everything-ness of life, I still was able to stay grounded + present. Moving through the moments of life, like the waves in the ocean.

So, after a week of warm sunshine, backyard hangs, cooking + baking comfort food, daily talks with my parents, family time, a new moon with new vibes to move us forward, continued ups + downs at work, and major lifestyle changes with the purchase of a new car…

life is really everything all at once. And, it’s up to me to live it + embody my soul right in the middle of it all. Come what may.

Stay safe + well, lovelies. xoxo. liz.

4 thoughts on “Life is everything all at once: Corona Diaries

  1. So true – I’m finding that the rhythms I follow have to change, and (surprise, surprise) those rhythms need to be much slower. Balancing that out is my brother, who is doing a hero’s work along with his co-workers as they make lots (and lots and lots) of testing kits and other gear for folks who need it. He’s going to need to sleep for a year when this is all over!

  2. Wow! Sending all love and gratitude to your brother + his co-workers! Wishing you a happy, balanced first weekend in may.

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