40 | february: a playlist for meditation mondays

happy monday, lovely people – and happy february 2nd! january has been a blur and it seems to have taken forever all at the same time. and here we are, at the beginning of a new month. hopefully you are feeling empowered + inspired. i know i certainly am. so much, so fast, so crazy. that’s how i feel right now – but in the best possible way actually. like i’m about to burst with excitement, creativity, and possibility. and yet, there is something that is telling me to slow it down. don’t get me wrong, i am not saying that i want to be quiet + still. no, i want to be active + in motion. what i mean with slowing down is intentional, thoughtful, aware. so, while it’s full speed ahead, i want to make sure that my head is on straight. that i’m thinking + feeling. doing + being. and not rushing into anything… that’s the key.

i know that the changes that are occurring in my life are all happening at lightning fast speed, and with such excitement + craziness. i just want to be smart in all of the decisions i make, in the opportunities i take, and in the collaborations i begin. so far, everything feels fan-freaking-tastic. and i feel that this month will only deepen and widen what the universe is opening up to me. so, instead of just being completely spontaneous (never fear, i’m still spontaneous!), i am taking it all in at the same time. i am letting this month be the one where i dig really deep into the changes i make and the dreams that i hope to fulfill. for some reason, the timing (for what, i have no idea) just feels right.

in the meantime, i’m also gonna focus on… l o v e. it is february, you know. and while i am no huge fan of valentine’s day, i do cherish a month where i think just a little bit more about love. with that said, i want to share with y’all my february playlist, which i called “come fly with me”, after the swooning frank sinatra tune. it’s a song all about exotic love – and everything about my life feel exotic right now. and as for being in love, well i am most definitely that! lina and i are extremely excited about enjoying the beginning of a new chapter of our story together. so, the playlist is a compilations of love songs… but not your regular, ordinary love songs… honoring the love + excitement of sharing life with my soulmate.

head on over to spotify now + subscribe to the playlist, then you can listen anytime! you can find the playlist {here} or by clicking on the photo below.

40-february-playlist-2015i hope you enjoy the music! and i hope it inspires you to spread a little love to others – and to yourself.

onwards + upwards! xx

here’s the playlist, for those of you who don’t have/want spotify. (artist first, song title second)

Sheila Kay Adams – Awake, Awake!
My Bubba – Wild & You
Sufjan Stevens – To Be Alone With You
Eilen Jewell – Home To Me (feat. Big Sandy)
Dawn Landes – Try to Make a Fire Burn Again
Mandolin Orange – Birds of a Feather
Kings Of Convenience – Homesick
Tegan And Sara – Don’t Find Another Love
James Taylor – Fire And Rain
Sara Watkins – You and Me
Anna Ternheim – Come Fly With Me
The Tallest Man On Earth – Leading Me Now
Brandi Carlile – Heart’s Content
Brandi Carlile – Heart’s Content
Foy Vance – At Least My Heart Was Open
Bob Dylan – Girl from the North Country
Steve Martin – You
Mariee Sioux – Love Song
Anna Ternheim – The Longer The Waiting (The Sweeter The Kiss)
The Barr Brothers – Even The Darkness Has Arms
Monica Heldal – Follow You Anywhere
American Aquarium – Coffee & Cigarettes
Of Monsters And Men – Love Love Love
The Milk Carton Kids – Whisper In Her Ear
Dawn Landes – Love Song
A.A. Bondy – American Hearts
The Tallest Man On Earth – Love is All
Wilhelm Brothers – Dare to Dream
Joni Mitchell – A Case Of You
Bear’s Den – Agape
Nickel Creek – Love of Mine
Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud
First Aid Kit – Cedar Lane
Monica Heldal – Boy From The North
Kelley Mickwee – River Girl
Roo Panes – Silver Moon
Bob Dylan – Forever Young
The Avett Brothers – I And Love And You
Beta Radio – A Place for Me
Monica Heldal – The Road Not Taken



2 thoughts on “40 | february: a playlist for meditation mondays

  1. I saw Ed Seeran live in november, oh I love that song 🙂 thanks for sharing a music list once again.

    1. Wow, cool!! I’m glad you love my lists! It’s so much fun to create them. 🙂 Love you!

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