three week limbo period: complete!

you’ll never guess what we are doing today… we’re moving!

this week we finally found a place to live in uppsala, the new city that we have bene planning to call home. now, it’s a temporary home, just so you know. very, very temporary – as in, we only have it for 6 weeks. but, who the hell cares?! we have a place to move to + begin our new life filled with all of our new adventures. and we get to move together! at one point, we thought i’d be down here in norrköping while lina was starting her new job (and our new life) alone, in uppsala. but, it worked out – and we get to bring zola with us! so, the family is moving!!

i can’t tell you much about the place because we don’t know much. only that it is a student apartment and it is in the city. uppsala has a huge, international, prestigious university in the city, by the way, making it a very international city (love that!). the apartment has a bedroom and a kitchen and a bathroom (i am assuming), so at least we don’t share some hallway space with others. other than that, we have no idea what is waiting for us. but, that’s how we roll. bring the surprises!

though i do i keep flashing back to the student apartment we lived in for 3 weeks in denmark 6 years ago. it can’t be that bad. it can’t be that bad. oh god, please don’t let it be that bad. (no lights, one twin bed, one burner in the kitchen that only worked when you had the kitchen light off)

i am not sure if we will have internet. chances are we won’t. i know there is no tv. but, there is electricity. hehe. i have no idea what i’ll do without internet…. actually yes i do. i’m gonna write and write and write.

yes, friends, it’s gonna be adventure. and it starts today! so, if my posts here are few + far between, you will know why. but, i’ve got a ton of amazing things on the horizon… just brewing + coming to life. oh, i am so excited! so, i’m up here in sweden, living a crazy life, adding another chapter to this story that i call my own. i will, of course, find myself at a café or the university library (!!) a few times a week or so, so i will definitely update you then!

of course, if you want to keep up with me on a daily basis, i will definitely be posting photos on instagram – internet, or not! so, be sure to follow me there. you can find my instagram feed in the left column of this page or just click {here}. easy peasy.

until then… i’ll leave you with a quote. carry it with you. soak it into your heart + soul. let that power that is within you rise up + push you to chase your dreams and live the life that only you have been created to live!

“I began to realize how important it was to be an enthusiast in life. He taught me that if you are interested in something, no matter what it is, go at it at full speed ahead. Embrace it with both arms, hug it, love it and above all become passionate about it. Lukewarm is no good. Hot is no good either. White hot and passionate is the only thing to be.” – roald dahl

onwards + upwards! xoxo


6 thoughts on “three week limbo period: complete!

  1. Hey, that’s great news, but I’m worried about you now. Where will you live when the 6 weeks is up? I guess I’m just not as easy going as you are, lol! Gotta have all of my ducks in a row. 🙂 I will be keeping up with you via Instagram and hoping that a permanent place comes your way real soon!

    1. Gretchen, we’re working on finding our next place! We saw an apartment yesterday which was really great, and we will hear from the owner today if we get it. She’s interviewing others too. It’s just how things roll here in this city. The housing market is so competitive! Thanks for keeping us in your thoughts! xo

  2. What an adventure, so relieved that Zola will be able to go along. I was picturing her staying behind and it made me sad. Wishing you all the best and knowing that whatever you find once you get there you will make it work. (((Hugs)))

    1. Oh, we can’t even express how thankful we are that she is with us! Things are going good so far, but your well wishes are greatly appreciated and warmly felt!

    1. I love the quote too!! 🙂 Yes, we are settled for 6 weeks, then we will rent again for a while. Hopefully during the fall we can buy something. So far, so good! xoxo

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