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corona diaries

We were made for this: My Corona Diaries

We were made for a time like this. Things are changing. A shift has occurred. And we are embarking on a new phase. My mind, my soul, my spirit can hardly keep up. I feel a sense of desperate urgency + a call for…

6 Jun 2020

Midsummer Rituals: The Magic of Awakening

You see? Even though we let it all crumble down, even though we surrendered to the scariness of the unknown, we tapped into our inner Warrior Woman + pushed through our fear. And, here we are now, building + birthing something new. Here we…

6 Jun 2019

Midsummer Rituals: The call of the Warrior Woman

june is here. ❍ and that means that there is a shift in the energy in the air. you know, i really begin to settle into the season of summer as soon as june arrives. i feel like celebrating all things bright + light…

2 Jun 2019
asheville life

i got the monday confusion blues.

hi y’all. i want to blog. desperately. but, i don’t know what to blog about. yes, my life is all new again living here in asheville. yes, it’s extremely exciting and all that. yes, i am so happy about being here that  i can…

19 Aug 2013

who i am & what i do.

“how can i accept a limited definable self, when i feel, in me, all possibilities?” -anaïs nin who i am is not what i do. it is so much deeper than that. it is the space deep within me known as my soul. my…

12 Aug 2013