Midwinter Rituals: Don’t Dim to Fit In

We just talked about dimming our lights in the last post – and now I’ve gone and pulled the Don’t Dim to Fit In card. Magic! The Soul Family card from my first post challenged me to stop dimming my light to the world + to let myself truly be seen. In doing that, those soul people, those people who just get me, my kindred spirits, my tribe, will be revealed + will be drawn to me, and I to them. But why? Why does it work like that? Well, because, in living our truth, in living from our souls, the energy that we send out is the energy that we will receive. We attract what we shine. And when we shine, we attract.

Whoa. As soon as I wrote that I felt a little shitty. Lemme explain. The truth is, If I’m not living my truth, if I am not embodying it, if my truth is only something that I keep inside of me, that I do not manifest in my daily life, then how in the hell do I expect to attract + receive anything my soul desires? Writing this right now is simple confirming to me, once again, that I need to be more aware of what I am putting out there. That I need to stop dimming my light. That I need to put my shit (and by shit I mean light) out there. It’s not enough to know it, to believe it, to feel + build it inside, to ground down + become stable, secure, calm, balanced. At some point, I’ve gotta let go and let it all out.

For so long, I’ve thought that I have been putting out so much good shit, when, in actuality, I’m not putting out as much as I thought I was. Now, that doesn’t mean that I’m putting bad shit out there. Because I don’t think I really am. It’s just that I’m not living up to my potential. There’s sooooo much more inside of me than I dare to let out. I’ve gotta shine my light way more than I have.Today’s card is a powerful one. It’s hard to even begin to type out what I am feeling + thinking. I’m so overwhelmed at the connection between this card + the previous one. But, to begin to wrap my mind around the deep wisdom of it all, I’ve gotta just start writing…

We are meant to shine. You are meant to shine. I am meant to shine. And that’s something that I have come to deeply know. In my soul. But, to live it, to embody it, to make it real… well, that’s a whole other thing. But, it’s the next step. It’s obvious that it is my next step. And that next step is actually happening right now, during this deep, dark, transitional month.

The universe is always expanding + evolving. As am I. As are you. And, I do believe that I have filled my current capacity. It’s time to empty, step up, and expand even more. This is the perfect energy for the end of the year. For saying goodbye to all of the experiences, lessons, and growth from 2018 and to reasses where I am right here, right now. Now, in the darkness of December, it’s time to reset. To begin again. To allow myself to be empty so that I can expand and evolve.

And that means that it’s time to embrace my light. To understand that I found my light in years past + now it’s time to shine that light. To be bright + bold + bad ass. To embody my light. No matter what is happening or who is around me or where I am.

And this, my dear soul family, is exactly what I have trouble with.

I adapt so easily. While I may not feel that I fit in, I adjust + acclimate myself to every situation, person, or place. And that’s a strength. Until it’s a fault. Until I lose who I am. Until I dim or hide my light either to let others shine more or because I don’t feel like my light is worthy.

“Flowers don’t open + close according to who is walking by.” How fucking awesome is that quote by Rebecca Campbell?

Sometimes it’s not that I am afraid to shine my light. Sometimes I feel guilty for it. It feels like my light causes others to dim theirs. But, I don’t have control over whether anyone else is shining their light or not. It’s not up to me to adjust my brightness based on others. It may be that they dim their own light because they aren’t sure of their own. It may also be that my light inspires someone to dare to shine more brightly. But, ultimately, whatever is their reason is their reason. I gotta keep my light on anyway.

The whole message of this card is simple, but it is deep + powerful: don’t dim your light. For anyone at anytime. All of our lights are equally important + beautiful. The challenge is to shine, shine, shine. To find our lights + to proudly let them shine. There’s no need to be ashamed, to change, to dim our lights. Our lights are the heart + soul of who we are. And that is fucking beautiful. Besides, who wants to fit in anyway?

And if we go back to the Soul Family card, then letting our lights shine, is exactly what we need to not only live our truth, but it is exactly what we need to do to create + call in our tribe. And what better time to start learning to boldly shine our lights than right in the middle of the darkest time of the year?

Questions for you to ponder:

Have you found your light? Are you in touch with your soul’s light? Or do you need to spend some time discover your light within? Perhaps that is the perfect intention for you for 2019. ‘Cause it ain’t no overnight process. But, it may be just where you are. And that’s totally perfectly fine.

How are you dimming your light? Do you dim it when you feel you’re shining too brightly? Why do you feel you could ever be too bright?

Do you open + close depending on who walks by?

Yes, consistently shining my light is exactly what I need to do to create + call in my tribe. So, that’s what I’m gonna do. Shine, baby, shine.Ā xoxo. liz.

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  1. Great post and very introspective. Of course, now I can’t get the song “This Little Light Of Mine” out of my head! šŸ™‚

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