monday morning music.

sometimes i find myself all over the place on the internet, not knowing how i found the places i found. you know, like driving on an unknown road, making turn after turn, and discovering new, amazing things, not exactly knowing how to get back, but not really caring. well, at least that’s how i drive sometimes – i like to call them adventure days, made part of my life thanks to my adventurous parents. oops. i got a little off subject. hehe. anyway… i click all over the place – here & there – and have no idea how i end up on certain websites. it usually happens when i find something inspiring, then they link me to something else inspiring, and so on and so forth. this happened to me one day last week and i ended up here. and i fell in love. new group. new music. new opportunities to chill. i’m into relaxing music right now (ok. always.), but i can feel that on the horizon i am gonna be moving towards some more sunny, upbeat, funky music. for now, though, this is perfect. and somehow i feel that i connect with the music & with nature when i listen. perhaps it’s because they seem to be so in tune with nature themselves. perfect combo.

so, for you today, i leave you with this eclectic, funky (in their own way), amazing group and a video. the tree ring. (if you have spotify, you can click on the group’s name & listen to the entire album. if you don’t have spotify, get it now! it’s free world of music on your computer!).

oh, and yes. today is beautiful! the birdies are chirping and the sun is shining (and rising at 5:30ish already!). spring is on it’s way! i’ve still got my cold, but I’m feeling good!! happy monday & thanks for reading!

peace out.

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