monday morning’s cup.

i read a little story this morning. it inspired me. and it also reminded me of my sister-in-law, who is a fantastic, organic, creative potter in beaufort, nc (USA). she uses her body & soul to create, i believe.¬†check her out here.¬†anyway, since i felt inspired, i thought i’d share some things with you. the story that i just read & a picture of my favorite cup that i own… made by my sister-in-law. i have had it with me & used it almost every morning for the past 3 years.

here’s your morning cup of liz’s thoughts… oh. and happy august!

“[a] woman potter summarized not only the making of a pot but her basic belief about life:

both my hands shaped this pot. and, the place where it actually forms is a place of tension between the pressure applied from the outside and the pressure of the hand on the inside. that’s the way my life has been. sadness and death and misfortune and the love of friends and all things tat happened to me that i didn’t even chosse. all of that influenced my life. but, there are things i believe in about myself, my faith in God and the love of some friends that worked on the insides of me. my life, like this pot, is the result of what happened on the outside and what was gong on inside of me. life, like this pot, comes to be in places of tension. life comes to be when we learn how to avoid looking for answers and finally learn how to ask the questions that will bring us life.

it is in responding to this gnawing discomfort that we have the possibility of giving shape to dreams that are at once faithful to who we are and who we can become.”

~from growing strong at broken places by paula ripple.

peace & love… all day long!

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  1. Oh I love you mug! I’ve been thinking about doing a mug post for a while, as mugs are a hot topic I believe! I’ll show you mine soon x

  2. Nice thought for a Monday. I like the tension concept, a balance of forces: destiny versus choice, genetics versus choice. And the process of MAKING the mug is the perfect metaphor.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Murphy’srun!! Glad to have you as a reader. I’m sure I’ll enjoy checking out your blog!

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