an august picnic can teach you a lot.

one of the hardest things for me to do is to live in the present moment. i’m forever looking back, remembering & re-living events. many times wishing it was still like it was “back then”, whether it’s something from yesterday or from a year ago, or from 10 years ago. there are so many good memories… and when, i’m not looking backwards, i’m looking forwards. dreaming, wondering, trying to figure out my future; asking what comes next? what’s gonna happen next? or i’m looking forward to something that is planned, whether it’s after work tonight, or next week, or next Christmas.

it seems that many times i am so focused on what has been or what will be, more than what is.

but, then, there are moments when i just let it all be. like yesterday. my love & i finished up at work/internship at 4:30. YES! we usually work so many nights, so this was a true luxury. and since the sun sets late here, we had about 5 hours of sunlight left. it had been a warm, sunny, beautiful sunny day, so we headed downtown to take care of some errands and grab some take-out food. then, we settled down on our blanket at a nearby park. i don’t know how long we were there. we had our cozy little picnic, lay down & soaked in the sun, smelled the food of others who were grilling (we’ve GOT to buy a little grill too!), and just took in everything that was happening in those moments.

it’s good to live in the present moment. to be aware. now, if only i can find a way to appreciate/live in the present moment when i’m doing something that i don’t enjoy as much as having a picnic with my love… perhaps, all i have to do is to be aware that in every moment, every single one, there is something sacred and meaningful.

wishing you moments of peace.

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  1. I’m back up in Dublin after a weekend doing exactly this. Living the moment. Not having plans… or at least not too many 🙂 And the minute I was in my appartment I started panicking about all the things that are on this week, that I have to do. So I had a mini meltdown… just like the one you were talking about in an earlier post… mmh where am I going with this? I guess I just wanted to say I know exactly how you feel. I’m very good in living the moment on weekends away. But I still have to learn to bring that feeling into my daily routine. take care xx

    1. Nicole: ugh. ordinary life. boring & panicky. it’s so hard to soak in the moments of our everyday life! hope you had wonderful time in Switzerland!! looking forward to our trip to see you & Chris in October… There’s one of my future things I’m focusing on now. Hehe. Love!!

  2. So true. I am forever thinking – “Holly just enjoy right now”. I try to, and do, but I also love to look to the future for security too so much… I know I should drop that a little but sometimes I can’t help but think of the future so much…
    But yes you’re right, enjoy the moment, so true!

    1. Holly, I’m with you! It’s super tough to not think about the fun things in the future… like a trip to Ghana!! 🙂

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