monday’s message.

hello, world!

it’s a gray, cozy monday here in the northern land of sweden. i’m thinking that we haven’t seen the sun in about 2 weeks here, but i’m not really complaining. it is quite cozy. and, i mean, it’s fall… so it’s supposed to be rainy, chilly, & darker.

it’s been a really good weekend, i think. i was off & it felt quite calm, even if we were pretty busy. nothing was rushed, everything was fun, and the company we kept was tip top. so, here are a few snippets from my fall weekend…

after a lazy saturday morning, we headed out into a foggy, misty norrköping to the industrial area by the river. the old factory buildings are now museums, art galleries, and cultural centers.
we went in the yellow building in the above picture for a workshop… and heard an amazing & inspirational woman speak about life & freedom. the theme of the day was: ge into upp! don’t give up!
after the workshop we were invited to dinner at our friend’s home… an american!! and of course, when americans get together, all craziness can happen. fajitas for dinner (she’s from new mexico, so the fajitas rocked. wine, music, singing, video games. i haven’t laughed so hard in a long time.
sunday was crazy, yet calm. we were home all day, but we had a revolving door, with people coming in and out all day. lina was busy with projects, i’m not sure what i did, but i loved it. the last visitor was our friend, g, and we watched “the phantom of the opera”, well most of it… g had to go early. a really cozy sunday.

and here comes the message for monday…

i thought it was so inspiring and wonderful. something to think about… no matter where you are, or what you choose to do, even if it’s not much at all, soak it in. do it 100%. and enjoy every little moment of your day.

my monday morning: i’m gonna write today. ♥

what you do today is important because you are exchanging a day of your life for it. ~author unknown

peace and love.

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  1. Sounds like a great start to your autumn, Liz! I love Mexican (especially fajitas!)…nom, nom… 🙂

    And another American friend- wow. Here, I think we’re rarer than hen’s teeth (at least I rarely see them & I worked retail for almost 4 years). That’s okay- I’m settling into my official Aussie status now. 😉

    On this end of the globe, we’re heading towards summer & I can’t wait. I lurve the beach…Still, kind of funny yet to me to have a BBQ get-together as a Xmas tradition?

  2. i know, right. i miss really good authentic mexican food, so it was such a treat to eat her amazing fajitas! yes, it is really great to hang out with an american every now & then. but, i think it’s cool that you’re really into you aussie life. 🙂 ahhhh.. summer. we didn’t even have a summer here in sweden. it was really, really rainy & chilly. ugh. so, i’m totally jealous of your summer. the whole bbq christmas would be really weird, but fun in a different way, i guess! 🙂

  3. “… no matter where you are, or what you choose to do, even if it’s not much at all, soak it in. do it 100%. and enjoy every little moment of your day.” Love this! What a brilliant mantra!

    BTW, Americans think Swedes rock too! LOL

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