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  1. Very much so. I love my life. And it’s such an amazing feeling. So if you’re not in love with your life – go on – don’t wast time – CHANGE IT!!!

  2. Admittedly I get terribly discouraged with myself and my circumstances at times….but I wouldn’t want anyone elses life or to be anyone else. In my book that counts as being in love with my life…at least in love enough. Now that doesn’t mean that I’m happy with all aspects of it or me, but that’s the beauty of being alive…We are, all of us, works in progress, if we choose to be….And I do! 🙂 <3

    1. PS LOVE your photos…love seeing what your corner of the world looks like…Sweden is a place I would love to one day visit. Thanks for sharing the beauty of your home with all of us…Happy travels to you and in your love when the day arrives.

  3. yes, being in love with my life, for me, means to seek to be present in every moment. embracing the ups & the downs, which is not always a easy thing to do. but, it is all a beautiful journey, which makes even more sense as we continue to walk & look back at where we have been, where we have come from.

    thank you for your compliment! this corner of the world is indeed beautiful. come & visit!

    wishing you happiness & peace as well. and yes, the travel day is literally just around the corner. (!!)

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