my dear friend, fredrik, playing solo. (blackbyrd)

before i’m off to bed, i needed to write down something rolling around in my head…

after working tonight and being in the presence of some wonderful people, i just felt compelled to mention that i do not take for granted the music, kindness, love, laughter, support, encouragement, and friendships that surround me. i am one lucky girl. and to all of you in my life, know that you all are truly loved for simply being who you are.

i am surrounded by so many good, amazing, inspiring people in my life: friends, family, my wife. so amazingly blessed am i.

these people are my heroes. who are your heroes? i’d love to hear!

goodnight, dear ones. peace


It sounds cliche, but my mother was the most amazing woman I have ever known. As happens, you don’t truly appreciate nor understand what a parent goes through until they’re no longer with you. My mother came from a very hard childhood, had to leave school at 14 to work because her father was so ill. By the end of her life, she had managed to become a real estate broker, took & passed computer courses in her late 50’s, was manager of a very large furniture/carpeting/drapery dept. of a major chain of stores in the US. All with a 7th grade education.

That would be amazing enough- but she did this after her 1st marriage ended (alcoholic husband), and she was left with 4 young children (he had moved her away from family). From there, another failed marriage & 2 more children. When she finally found her “soul-mate”, I was so happy for her. But fate stepped in & he passed away from a sudden heart-attack.

With all of this to surmount, and all she accomplished with no support at all- I only now understand it, being in that same situation myself. My mother was one of the few who loved unconditionally. She is my hero! 🙂

what an inspiring person you mother was! thank you so much for sharing this. i am touched by your words, and by your mother’s dedication. a true hero!

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