My one tip for finding inspiration when you are uninspired.

February is blowing by. Usually the longest-feeling, shortest month of the year seems to take forever. But, so far, not this year. I’m not sure why, but each week seems faster and faster.

So, to slow down this fact-paced 2017, and because I haven’t done a what am I up to post in a while, I thought I’d go back through some photos from this past week and share with you some of the moments that inspired me.

It’s in these moments that you will find my one tip for being inspired.

In general, right now, things are inspiring me like crazy. So, yeah, it’s easy for me to give my advice on finding inspiration right now, isn’t it? I know you’re thinking that. Plus, you’re also thinking, that if you’re just not feeling it (inspiration), you’re not feeling it. Right? Well, stay with me. Please. I am not trying to be bossy or know-it-all-y.

But, you see, everything around me is inspiring me. Nature, people, work, music, art, ev-er-y-thing. And I feel so excited that I feel the need to try and express and share all of it. How I feel, what I’ve experienced, what I see and hear and think. And that I just want to create all day, every day… everything from blog posts to playlists to photos to even just creating time to listen to others. That’s how freaking inspired I am these days. And, in case you’re throwing up in your mouth a little bit at all of my ridiculous inspirational feelings, just hang with me. I am fully aware of the gift of this feeling – and I am not taking it for granted.

So, now that I have a few minutes to myself, I thought I’d slow the pace down, carve out a little time to gather up some of those inspiring moments, and share them with you. Plus, of course, my one secret Liz tip fro finding your inspiration. Cause… positive vibes on a Friday. What could be better, right?!

Ok. Here we go. My inspiring moments from this past week:

Nature. The moon. Trees. Sunsets + sunrises. 



Creative planning + adventures with my love. So. Much. Fun. Basically, making shit happen.


Beer from said creative adventures. Local breweries. People with the passion to do what they really love + say “screw it!” to the expected way of doing things.



My beautiful city…. Uppsala. It’s like pure magic here.


Lunch with my co-worker in the sunshine for the first time this season!!! Spring will be on its way soon! (plus an awesome conversation too)

My students, you guys. They blew me away this week. As a support, I decided to sit in on their Swedish lesson… they were scheduled to have speeches. Anything about power + control. Here’s what some of my kids decided to talk about: abortion, stress, cancer, feminism, the SIMS, living in a foster home, anorexia, and more. Each of them only spoke for about 5 minutes, and they packed some power in their speeches. Waaaaay more informative, effective, and relevant than any adult I have ever heard. I literally had tears pouring down my cheeks as I listened to them.

Plus, for Valentine’s Day, we did a whole “You are important” day instead of having classes. We went to workshop, had activities/group work on evaluating + prioritizing our lives, and watched movies in the afternoon. The whole school. Sooooo important to share with the students that psychological health/loving ourselves is just as important as academic work.

I was proud to be a mentor this week. So very proud.

Yep. The moon. Always the moon. And gazing at it as I walk to work with my love. Even better.

Morning sunshine on my way to work. You hear me? Sunshine. In the morning. Before I get to work! I’ve said it before, I know… but the long, dark winter is slowly ending!

Cozy. Friday. Mornings. And lots of coffee. And Zola the cat. And freshly cleaned sheets. 

Like I said, dear ones, everything I encounter is inspiring right now. Perhaps it is because I am open to it all. Open eyes. Open ears. Open heart. Perhaps I am in a very grounded place. Perhaps it’s the vitamin D that I have been lacking all winter that I am finally filling up on. Perhaps my soul is just settled at the moment. Peaceful. Most likely, it is all of those things combined.

Whatever it is, why-ever it is. I am so very grateful. And I am so not focused on anything but the now. As I look back on the beginning of this year so far, I am seeing that there is a calmness that has entered my spirit… as a direct expression, result, and effect of the upheaval of last year. I am certain that the tough times gave me the grace to enter this moment of peace.

I am already at that place where I can look back + see the blessings of the pain and suffering. I can already understand how last year pushed me to go deeper. And deeper I am. Everything that I experience + do right now is more deep.

So, that’s my tip. My one tip for how to find inspiration.

Open yourself.

Open your eyes, your ears, your heart, your mouth, your soul. Be aware. Be awake. And, for fuck’s sake. Slow down. Just accept what is and find the teeny, tiny bit of beauty in it. Trust that it will be a blessing in disguise, if you let it. Turn a negative moment on its head and find something positive about it. Feel trapped? What if you use that feeling to accept a moment of solitude instead? Restless? Give thanks for the desire and ability to move. Cold? Snuggle with a blanket and remember that others have no home. Uninspired? Just open… breathe deep. Open up. And wait. A bird will fly by and the miracle of nature will inspire you. The beauty of a candle flicker will remind you that you still have a flicker in you. The quiet will calm your soul. Just. Wait. Inspiration will come… like magic.

Just stay open. Expect miracles. And then simply let them come. Do not look for them in crazy, off the wall, unique, exotic moments. Look for them as you wash the dishes. See them as you drive your car. Feel them in the wind. Hear them in a laugh. Touch them with a hand. Just open yourself. Inspiration is all around you + within you. Trust. Expect. Believe.


And then, give thanks.

Right now, all I can do is give thanks. And hope that in something little that I may do one day, someone else might feel the incredible sense of inspiration that surrounds me at this moment. To all of the lovers, bloggers, students, nature geeks, beer brewers, Instagrammers, co-workers, family members, animals, bold speakers, fighters, artists, and divine beings out there… thank you for lifting me up. For inspiring me. For filling my soul with love. I see it. I feel it. I accept it… and I send it right back to you.

xoxo. liz.

6 thoughts on “My one tip for finding inspiration when you are uninspired.

  1. I so needed this, lady. I’ve been feeling uninspired and a little blue – but I always feel like that in winter. I’m trying to take it for what it is, a season of restlessness yet quiet, a season of hibernating, and be ready for new inspiration to come with the spring – it always does! Thanks for your words <3 <3

    1. Oh, sweet Liz. I hope that spring is on here way to you soon. And I am so grateful that this little post did a tiny bit to cheer you up. Lots of love to you! xoxo

  2. it’s funny how inspiring it can be to hear about another person’s inspiration <3 so to you too: thanks for lifting me up! and your one rule is 100% true. also valentine's day at you school sounds amazing!

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