My one word weekend list

It’s been a few days, my friends. But, I have a good excuse… I don’t have a computer! Ok, so nothing horrible happened to mine, but my lovely wife sent me a text on Thursday (I had the day off + was just getting ready to hunker down to start working on blog posts), when this popped up on my screen:

” My love, do you want a new computer today?” 

Well… YEAH. You see, my wife is a freaking master at going through things, selling them, and then using that money for something else. Soooo… she had researched how much we could get from the nearest Apple dealer for my MacAir and our big desktop iMac (both of which are fairly old-ish, like 6 years, and running a bit slow). You know that you can turn in your Apple products for $$, right? Anyway, with those two things and a bit of money we’d gotten for selling a Playstation, Lina had figured out that we didn’t have to pay too much and I could get a brand spanking new Macbook. Eeeeee!

All this to say, I had to begin saving + dumping all of the stuff on my laptop so that I could delete everything and reinstall everything to sell it. That took a tiny bit of time, and then we went to drop off the computers at the store, and order my new laptop! Of course, they didn’t have the one that I want in, so we placed an order + that means that I am computer-less for about a week. Which, I have to admit, feels kinda good.

In any case, I really did have to change my plans for this weekend because I had planned to write and blog and edit videos like crazy. I mean, with 4 days off (yes, we have another holiday and I have even more days off already!), I could get so much done. Instead, though, I’m going analog. Well, until right now.

I logged into wordpress on my love’s computer so I can do a few blog post updates, but for the most part, I am staying off the computer. I’ve even spent time writing in my journal quite a bit! And it feels oh so good. Oh yeah, and I finished a book that I’ve been reading for a little while.

Well, even though I have been enjoying being without a computer, I really did wanna write this short little post and let you know what’s going on in my corner of the world this weekend. And, after this, I’ll prepare my post for tomorrow – and then I’m logging off again.

But, for right now, what better way to have a fun update than with a list post?! So, here you go. Info about me – using only 1 word!

1 . Where is your cellphone ? Bed

2 . Hair ? Dirty

3 . Your dad ? Sweet

4 . Other half ? INCREDIBLE

5 . Favorite food ? Fries

6 . Favorite drink ? Beer

7 . Favorite color ? Green

8 . Fear ? Settling

9 . Favorite shoes ? Birkenstocks

10 . Favorite way to relax ? Netflix


11 . Your mood ? Cozy

12 . Favorite place ? Family

13 . Where were you last night ? Sofa

14 . Something you aren’t ? Sporty

15 . Muffins ? Biscuits

16 . Vacation spot ? Inspiring

I come from all over North Carolina. Lived + grew up all across the state. There are two places, though, that I call "home", two places that, no matter where I go, or what I do, will always remind me of the history of who I am + where I'm from. And, one w

17 . Where you grew up ? South

18 . Last thing you did ? Cook

19 . Your tv ? Fancy

20 .What are you wearing? Leggings

21 . Your pets ? Zola

22 . Life? Create

23 . Regrets ? None

24 . Missing someone ? Constantly


Alrighty. That’s it! Copy + paste the questions and create your own list. I’d love to read your one word answers! It was actually kinda hard to come up with the perfect single word for some of the questions, so it was a good exercise for my brain + creativity. Plus, sometimes it’s just nice to take a break from heavy, intense, “important”, productive, blog posts and just do something fun for a change.

Here’s to wishing you a cozy Sunday + a great start to your week! Me? I’ll be enjoying 2 more days off. Yippee. I know, poor me, right?

Lots of love to you. xoxo. liz.  

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