new moon love: release all that is holding you back

i’m always sad every month when the new moon rolls around. i look up into the night sky, only to find that there is no moon there to comfort me. to inspire me. to be that constant thing that brings light and magic to the darkness.

instead, whenever our beautiful planet and her moon do their heavenly dance, we find ourselves  experiencing a few dark nights every month. it’s natural. it’s meant to be that way. it’s all about the rotations and revolutions and movement happening way up there above us. but, that doesn’t mean i like it.

really, though, it’s all about constant change.

and, that is something that we humans don’t really like, do we? i mean, just as we get comfortable and feel secure, the rug is pulled out from under us. things change. our expectations are dashed. and we find ourselves in the dark.

we have to dig deep, but we can absolutely choose whether that darkness stumps us and halts us, or whether it energizes us and offers us a chance to move to a higher, newer level. we may not have welcomed the change, but it is absolutely up to us what we do with it.

so, tonight and tomorrow night, if we look up and see nothing, we can be assured that it’s not nothing that we are actually seeing. we can actually choose what we see. 

yes, it’s dark. and yes, it feels lonely. but, the stars shine even brighter on a clear night without the moon. and, really, the moon is still there, it’s just in the shadows. so, we haven’t been left alone. we’ve just been given a chance to see a different perspective. and, that, my friends, can be very, very empowering (and challenging, yes).

so, what is the moon in her shadows saying to us right now, as this year slowly creeps to its close?

well, it’s not called a “new moon” for nothing. it’s new because we begin yet another trip together, as the moon circles our planet home. the symbolism in this is so poignant, i think.

it’s a new beginning. 30ish days until the next, and final, new moon of 2015. and we can choose to see this mid-week darkness as a chance to transform our lives as much as we want to. or not.

so, just as the moon dances in the shadows above us right now, we too, can soak in a few moments of reflection of where we find ourselves in life right now. and, then, we can begin to move forward. to let go of what we have outgrown, even if it has been a calm + safe place for us, and rise to a higher life.


i’ve said it once before recently, there is no growth without change.

we can shed the shadows that have held us down and held us back. those shadows that we have become comfortable with, but have stunted our growth. so much has happened to each of us, and this new moon reminds us to rise up from who we have been and heal ourselves.

from today forward (and everyday if we choose to see it that way), a new “you” is born. right now, it’s time to release what is dying. to let go of what is not working in our lives. to move to higher ground and to live a more amazing life than we’d ever imagined.

another cycle of our life is complete. just as we see in in the leaves that flutter to the ground in the northern hemisphere, or the buds that are bursting forth in the southern hemisphere…. just as we see it in the new moon that remains hidden, but is still moving, ready to burst forth into our night sky again in just a few days.

we, too, have an opportunity to dig into that power that is found deep within all of us and let go of what is old, of what no longer serves us, and move forward into our bright, inspired future – a truer, more free, more at peace self.

my questions to you right now are: what are you completing in life right now? what do you need to release? // what doors are opening for you? // in what areas of your life are you ready to move to the next level?

personally, i fully intend to emerge from the darkness this week having shed some of my former self, ready to embrace the person that i am being transformed into. practically, for me, it has to do with me accepting, allowing, believing in, and working on my life coach business and writing my book.

what about you? how will you emerge in the light of moon? are you ready to go with the flow of the changes coming about? or will you resist it, staying stuck in the darkness? (tough i know, but i believe in you!).

onwards + upwards! xoxo

6 thoughts on “new moon love: release all that is holding you back

  1. Beautiful thoughts, so eloquently written. It’s hard to say sometimes what I may aspire to do, perhaps live authentically, write more, focus on the effort I can make, and take action daily. 🙂 <3

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words, lovely you. I think that what you have written as aspirations here are just beautiful. They are visions and ways of living that you want to bring to you life. And, I say, go for it. Just keep believing and do it, as you say, one day at a time. New moon blessings to you. xoxo

  2. I can’t remember how I managed to stumble onto your blog but thank you for helping to reconnect me to the moon and to tune into that cycle again.

    1. Well, aren’t you just so sweet to leave me a comment and letting me know that you are reading?! I am so glad that some of what I write speaks to you and has helped you reconnect with the moon. How wonderful! 🙂

  3. The natural stages of reflection that you have described so beautifully are such an important step, but after slowing down and recognizing where we are in life, it can be a real struggle to move forward and take the actions necessary to let go of what no longer serves us. This post is so inspirational, Liz, and really targets these stages in moving towards embodying our true selves. Facing our fears – simultaneously letting go of the comfort of what we know as we move forward into the unknown – is frankly terrifying, and your targeting this piece of the process is immensely appreciated. Thanks you as always. Love to you both. xoxo

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