weekends are made for finding your inner wild.

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Happy weekend, friends!

I’m finding myself totally torn about this weekend. On the one hand, I am so very excited about the next two days – I’m headed out of town for my second Life Coach training weekend! And, since I’ve been super motivated about making goals and plans and creations for the future, it feels really good to go and intensively learn + work on these things for an entire weekend. Plus, I get to be out in the countryside again. Surrounded by nature. And that always restores my soul and inspires me beyond explanation.(To see what it looks like where I am going, take a peek at my previous weekend’s experiences >>> here.)

On the other hand, I will be leaving my love at home all weekend. And, I know that it is tough for her right now. It feels terrible to have her be in this situation, just as she is fighting so hard. However, I truly, deeply believe in her – and I know that she will do all that she can. She’ll fight through this weekend because that’s just how amazing she is. So, I’ll be thinking of her, sending her lots of love and light, and chatting with her every now + then. Deep inside we both know that this is good, the weekend apart. But, it is so easy to get freaked out and nervous about changes in the routine that has been established in our lives.

Still, there is no growth without change.

As I was packing and checking some things on this internet this morning, I saw this image on Pinterest, and it just spoke to me. It felt perfect for this weekend for many reasons. Not only because of the fact that I will be out in nature this weekend, surrounded by the wild, feeling free and grounded. But, also, because it speaks to me on a much deeper level. And I wanted to share that with you…

The simplicity of the image and the words call us to continue to seek + discover who we really are. To tap into that wild, free, spirited inner nature that is our true self. And, the weekend is the perfect time to do that. Being wild can mean so many things to us at so many different times – we can be crazy and spontaneous. Or we can be calm and grounded and secure.

The call, though, is simply to be wild. To find our wild… however you and I feel that we are drawn to live that out during this weekend.

Sending you lots of love and light and courage to simply go wild.

onwards + upwards! xoxo

11 thoughts on “weekends are made for finding your inner wild.

  1. Love this! Your quote, “there is no growth without change” is just as important as “find your wild.” Being nervous about changes in your routine – especially when there is struggle – is a natural form of resistance, and one that it’s all too easy to lose awareness of. But without embracing that change (I think particularly so in times of struggle) you can’t go out and find your wild, and thus, your true self. I’m so inspired by the way you both are moving forward, meeting your points of resistance and challenges, and then charging ahead in your quests to become/embrace your full, true, beautiful selves. Seriously, you are both so amazing!! Love and strength to both of you. xoxo

  2. Change is hard. It’s uncomfortable, uncertain, unpredictable. Whenever change is threatening to overwhelm me, I look at nature for comfort:
    The leaves falling and leaving a bare, naked tree behind, only to sprout fresh, delicious leaves in the spring.
    The chick that has to hatch out of the egg all by itself, a huge act of strength right at the beginning of its life.
    Geese flying thousands of kilometers every fall in search of warmth.
    The caterpillar turning into a butterfly.

    We can all do this.
    Have a wonderfully wild weekend Liz!

    1. Oh, how right you are, Miriam. It is so very easy to see the changes and to trust in them when we look at nature… how she changes and grows and regenerates and is transformed time after time. What an inspiration it is! Hope you are well, lovely you. xo

  3. Have a great weekend and a wonderful time at your second training. As for Lina, I do hope she can fight through this weekend. I´m going to have my last weekand of training and am a little sad that this is going to end 10 interesting months, where I was able to learn so much. Take care my dear!

    1. I hope that your last weekend of training was wonderful! I know that there will be an empty space now that it is over. I am sure that you have learned so much! Love to you!

  4. It surely can be hard to leave those we love, though do we ever ‘really’ leave them? It will make the two of you stronger in the long run. So glad to follow this journey with you!

    1. You are so right in that it will be something that makes us both stronger, and life much richer. I am so grateful that you are following and taking the time to share the journey with us. It means so very much. xo

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