// week 45 // weekend #2 of becoming a life coach

an entire week of november has already passed, and we pretty much find ourselves in the middle of the month in just a few days. how is that possible?

if october was the gorgeous month of autumn here in the nordic countries, then november is the cozy one. just as it is supposed to be, in my opinion. the weather has taken a turn for the “worse”. clouds and rain and darkness. we lose at least over an hour every week. as of today, sunset is at 15:20/3:20 PM. crazy, huh?

the darkness, though, lends itself to creating the perfect atmosphere for contemplation and inner work. for practicing being in the present moment. and, i’ve come to realize, that that is exactly what this entire autumn season is turning out to be for me. in fact, i predict that as we close out 2015, i will continue in this slow, intentional, present moment pattern that has made up this entire year.

i have made a turn, though, and i know that i am in the midst of a transition period… moving from this period of adjusting and soaking in, to beginning to break forth from my year-long hibernation, into a fully-awake, fully-energized bear.

that’s right, next year it’s full speed ahead for me and i am gathering all my energy to take it on!

and even though i know that i moving toward that, it is still an intentional, slow process of waking up. an intentional focus on living slowly + simply + in the moment.

of course, my love’s fight for an eating disorder-free life has also practically “helped” in slowing us down. something that i am finding peace in, though, and knowing that this is exactly where we need to be right now. home. focused. internal. slow. simple. fighting from the inside in a calculated, intentional way.

autumn-leaf home-fika autumn-sunshine autumn-uppsala home-dark-candles-window rose-flower autumn-uppsala-2 autumn-me-hand

in keeping with my cozy, dark, nesting theme, this weekend i went to my second life coach training weekend out in the countryside of sweden. you can read about my first weekend .. here. friday afternoon, i took the bus about 2 hours from home and immersed myself into my little life coach bubble with 23 others.

as if perfectly aligned by the universe, the weekend’s focus was embracing the here + now. it was activity after conversation after activity of reflecting on who we are right now, what we want in life right now, how to make that happen right now, and grounding ourselves in the present moment.

it may sound very self-focused, but, you know, you have to start with yourself first. only when you know who you are from deep within, can you begin to truly teach and coach and inspire others.

i have sooooo many gold nuggets of wisdom and motivation to share with you all, but i have got to let it all sink in. so, expect at least one more post about this past weekend, as i gather together my thoughts and process all that i experienced.

you can probably count on another post that will pose some questions for you to answer  – and share on your blog or Facebook or wherever. the stuff i am learning is that good. i just am dying to share it with you!! but, i’m going to be slow and intentional and not rush things. so, can you just be patient and hold on? i promise i’ll share more!

what i can tell you is what we did. we listened. and talked. and cried. we ate well and drank coffee or tea. we talked a lot more. we wrote and pondered. we did qigong. we meditated. we chanted. we lay on the floor. we listened to the messages of the universe. we danced to YMCA and swedish hip hop and techno music. we had a drum circle. we marveled at nature. we connected with each other. we set intentions.

life-coach-me life-coach-water-camp life-coach-rain-window life-coach-coffee-meditate life-coach-water-sun life-coach-forest- life-coach-dance life-coach-autumn life-coach-field-sun life-coach-field-treeslife-coach-flower-life-coach-camp life-coach-me-outside

on this very gray, dark, chilly monday morning back at home, i find myself so inspired and energized and motivated. what possibilities i see before me! how unbelievably grateful i am.

my friends, from the bottom of my soul, i wish you peace for this week. i wish you motivation and acceptance of wherever you find yourself + in whatever you face. sending you all of the love + light that i can muster.

onwards + upwards! xoxo

19 thoughts on “// week 45 // weekend #2 of becoming a life coach

    1. Thank you so much for reading and commenting! I cannot wait to share some more things with you! Hope you have a great week. 🙂

  1. So happy to hear you had an inspiring weekend and one that will support your internal focus and slow, intentional way of living in the moment as you move through this transition period. I think it can be difficult to stay and sit-with and examine when you have all this energy swirling around you (not to mention the ever-present possibility or relief from just turning it off or doing something instead of being) and I’m so glad this weekend provided just what you needed. Love to you both. xoxo Oh, and GORGEOUS photos of the Swedish countryside.

    1. It is really hard to sort of sit and wait and let it all sink in. I have so much energy and motivation right now, but I know deep inside, that I must be slow and calm and intentional, even though I want to burst ahead! But, I have promised myself to wait it out, and with the new year, to then begin my movement forward – even if this waiting period is still a bit of moving forward as well. It’s all part of the process. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading, Meghan. I appreciate you so very much! xo

  2. I can feel your energy and it’s infectious. That last photograph says so much. You look so peaceful, determined and happy. I cannot wait to hear more. Sending you love and light this week as well. xx

    1. Peaceful, determined, and happy. Those words are just perfect, Kate. How receptive you are! That means so much to me, how much you really pay attention and care. I feel so blessed that we have created this friendship! xo

  3. Beautiful photos as usual. Sounds like you had an amazing weekend and I can’t wait to profit of everything you learned when you will share it on your blog. The weather here is absolutely miserable – perfect to slow down, drink lots of cups of coffee/tea and snuggle up with Ciaran… how will I ever survive when I have to go back to work 🙂 love you both and thinking of you always xx

    1. Oh, it just sounds so cozy and wonderful, the time that you are having with Ciaran. It must just be heavenly. 🙂 I wish that we could be there to get in some snuggles, but we will make it one day. Lots of love to you. xo

  4. Ah, my goodness. You have sent all that peace & tranquility back to the mountains of NC. I feel your radiating happiness, and that makes me very happy for you. From the gorgeous pictures, you do indeed bring us to where you are, thank-you. Agreed on all the self work needing to happen first. However, the thing most on my mind now is that I must listen to this Swedish techno music….inquiring minds need to know. 🙂

    1. I am so very happy to hear that you felt all of it – and so grateful that you are sharing in my joy. When I take pictures and then post them here, I really do hope that everyone gets a tiny little feel like they are with me. I just wish I could share it all with you all. Haha! Swedish techno and hip hop is an interesting thing, and I had never heard it before, so I’m not really a great resource for it. 🙂 Sorry!! Haha!

  5. Life coaching training sounds fun! I liked what you said about gaining strength for the busy year ahead… it makes such a huge difference to do that. Sending you love and light back and bits of strength to add to the strength you are gaining. 😀

    1. It is tons of fun that leaves me completely exhausted and wiped out after the intense weekends of self-reflection and digging deep. But, I absolutely love it and know that it’s right. Thanks so much for our comment, dear! xo

  6. Life coach training? Very impressive Liz, and what for me would be intimidating as hell. But I can tell from your writing, sensitivity, and keen powers of observation that you’ll do well. I wish you all the best in this new, exciting endeavor. ~James

    1. James, I believe that life coaching is just what is in me. It just feels so natural, and is what I have been doing in many, many ways throughout my professional life as a special education teacher and as a minister in a church. Thank you so much for your vote of confidence – it means a great deal to hear some feedback from someone who knows me through my writing and blogging. Wishing you both well on your daily journeys. /Liz

  7. I love all the photos! Some of your best and that is saying a lot. 🙂

    Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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