oh yeah. i made it.


i’ve got the whole entire weekend off! let the festivities begin! i’ve spent all freaking morning in bed, catching up on some favorite tv series. gonna head downtown in a few minutes for a quick trip for some weekend shenanigan necessities. wink wink. then, back home for a lazy, cozy evening made up of planning & practical stuff + blogging + movie-watching. perrrrrfect. tomorrow is meet-some-friends day! fika in the afternoon with a friend & my love, then a music and champagne night with the girls, and later our friend from berlin is sleeping over. sunday… i have no plans as of yet. and that feels amazing! so, that’s it. we’ll see what kind of adventures i find right here in town!

what about you? what are your plans?! maybe you’ll have some great ideas i’ll add to my weekend. inspire me!

have a great one! peace & love.

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  1. Well… Today is my release, so I am going to blog and be present on social media. And, my family came in from out of town so I get to spend time with them and catch up. Tomorrow is my release party and signing so that’s pretty much all I will be focused on. LOL And Sunday is our church’s annual Palm Sunday Music Extravaganza and I am definitely not missing that one. So, yeah… That’s about it! LOL

  2. Love this! I have a weekend coming up and I would like to plan in some down time. My schedule is full enough these days that I do have to plan it in. Eeps!

  3. Resting and sleep, sorry nothing as adventurous as your weekend. I hope you all have a wonderful one. Good and healing thoughts to yous.


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