april is for living!

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hey lovelies!

well, it’s only a week and some days before we rip down another page on our calendars and begin a new month. crazy, huh? i was thinking… since it was so much fun to have your input on the march photo a day challenge, i thought i’d open it up and make it a blogging community effort again!

ok. i’ll just get right to it. the theme for belovelive’s april photo a day is…


april is a month when spring (in the northern hemisphere) really begins to be visible. colors burst out everywhere. birds chirp. little bugs creep. flowers bloom. nature comes alive! and for those of you in the southern hemisphere, nature begins its journey towards slumber & rest. it’s a time to see life in a different way. but, for all of us, we are in some part of the cycle of life of nature.

with that in mind, i thought that celebrating life would be perfect for this month! of course, we don’t feel like celebrating life every day, some days are quite dark & gray. still, if we look hard enough, if we focus long enough, if we breathe deep enough, i guarantee that there is something that we can find to celebrate every day. seriously. i guarantee it. if nothing else, we are alive!

my aim is for this month’s photo challenge to inspire us all to celebrate life in some small way every day, inspired by the word of the day. one of the things i have come to appreciate ┬áin my 38 years of life is that we only have a certain amount of time on this earth. and not only is our time limited, but we only have one chance to live this life. there is no replay button. so, i have pledged to myself, to my soul, to live life to the fullest. to sing, dance, create, have adventures, breathe, and soak in all of the simple and amazing moments of life. it’s not so complicated, ya know. it’s just taking the time to listen to ourselves and create the life that we desire… and though it may be a long road, it is all about the journey of life. not the destination. so, i’m throwing my hands up, rolling down the windows, pumping up the music, turning my face to the sun, and letting life inspire me.

ok, now you’ve got the scoop: gimme all the words you can that have to do with life and celebrating life and living life to the fullest!

a little business: please send me your word(s) no later than next friday (29 march!) i’ll post the new photo a day challenge as a blog post, on instagram (i’m lizslens on IG), and on belovelive’s facebook page on sunday, march 31.




excitedly waiting to read your suggestions! peace & love.

0 thoughts on “april is for living!

  1. new beginning. sun. morning. appreciate. joy. laughter. dancing. movement.

    These are all I can think of right now!

  2. fresh, bud, baby, warm, wind/breeze, chirp/twitter, freedom.

    See if these suggestions are helpful.

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