one week later: living for flowers + candles


the other day, i found an amazing video on Facebook. a parisian reporter was asking a young boy how he was feeling after all of the bad things that happened in paris last week. the dad jumped into the interview and had the most amazing things to say, and an incredible, powerful conversation between the dad + the boy ensued.

happy weekend, loves! in the midst of all of the fear, stress, confusion that we have in our own lives + around the world, let’s remember what life is really all about. that, it is those everyday, little moments that make us feel alive. it’s about the people in our lives that make everything better. it’s about pushing on and pushing forward and living life to the fullest. wishing you tons of those simple moments this weekend.

oh, yes. and flowers + candles.

onwards + upwards xoxo

* in remembrance of all of those who have lost their lives to violence and their families who are left behind.

6 thoughts on “one week later: living for flowers + candles

  1. This video was going around my facebook and broke my heart into a million pieces. What a beautiful father and beautiful message. And I love this poem! Thanks for sharing. xx

  2. I have tears in my eyes right now, but not sad tears – tears of hope and thankfulness. Thankfulness for people like this precious, wonderful father, who are teaching their children about love, not hate. This is too beautiful!
    Thanks for the reminder Liz! xo

    1. it was super moving wasn’t it? just so powerful and beautiful. i am so glad you thought so too, miriam. xo

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