why today is more important than any other day

almost two weeks have come + gone since the last weekend of my life coach training. now that things have settled and sunk in a little bit, i thought it was time to share with you some of my reflections. more importantly, i want to pose a few little questions to you. hehe. a little challenge for you.

the weekend’s theme was here + now. we focused on being present in the moment, using meditation, dance, qigong, and a lot of time to reflect on our own. of course, i snagged in a little walk in the woods as well to help me soak up the moments.

however, it wasn’t only about meditation and stuff like that. we also were given lots of time to talk and think about how our own life is right here, right now. and i found this super empowering.


you see, in the past, in my previous life (before divorce, lina, europe), i had a really hard time with this. i was so full of hope that i focused only on how things would be better. i threw myself into that without even realizing it. not that that is all bad, but when you focus only on how things might be, then you ignore the present reality. and the truth is, my present reality was no ball of fun back then. so, i sincerely dreamed and hoped for the future in a way that caused me to ignore and accept what life was really like.

that, however, did me no favors. it kept me completely stuck in a situation (and a marriage) that was no good. it stifled my dreams.

luckily, i had a great friend/colleague who gave me some super tough love which knocked me right out of my rose-colored, future glasses and made me truly look at my situation. facing what was really going on was actually the key to my freedom and the beginning of my journey to creating this life that i love. oh, it was as tough as hell, and it led to even tougher times. but, in the end, the truth really did set me free.

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so, i welcome the opportunity to focus on here + now, as we did during my life coach training. and what i discovered was that, right now, i am fairly in touch with my reality. i have learned so much, though it has taken so many years, about being aware and present. and the opportunity the other weekend to think even more deeply about who i am and what i want in life right now was such a gift.

the things that i realized most, after all of the conversations, meditations, reflections and days that have passed, are this:

  1. my life is quite balanced right now. something that i am truly working on daily. but, all of that work allows me to be strong, calm, and grounded in the moments that feel amazing and the moments that feel extremely tough. it’s been a crazy autumn, with so many changes. and, yet, i can feel peace even as the craziness swirls about. living day to day, in the present moment, is much more empowering than not. even though some of the moments are tough + confusing.
  2. i am actively beginning to live the life that i envision for myself. i really am. and that feels amazing. exciting. motivating.
  3. the things that bring me the most joy right now are photography, writing, and making my home cozy.
  4. i am most passionate about education, equality, empowerment: helping others to create a slow, meaningful life.
  5. defining who i am right now, the values that i have right now, helps me to create my business/my brand, which will be the outlet to how i use my unique self to make a difference in the world.

so, now, my friends, i’d like to give you an opportunity to think a little about your life situation right now. don’t be frightened. even if things don’t look like you want them to, simply admitting and seeing that, is the first step of empowerment and change.

below are some things for you to ponder. feel free to answer them as a comment or in a blog post/facebook post of your own. or send me an email. if you’d like to Skype and talk about them, i’m open to that too.

just take your time. think honestly. reflect. and, know that you are in charge of your life. and everything is possible.  remember: this is all about what things look like in your life right now. your present situation.

ok… here we go!

  1. What is good about your present life situation? What makes you happy right now?
  2. What are you longing to do or be in life right now?
  3. What are you most afraid of right now?
  4. What is something that you do that usually brightens your day and/or makes you feel alive?
  5. What are you most passionate about in life right now?
  6. What is something that makes you feel disconnected/bad/disappointed?
  7. When do you feel that you are doing something right/on the right track? What makes you feel that way?
  8. What are you seeking?
  9. What is stopping you from getting what you are looking for/seeking? What do you need to change?
  10. What do you need in order to help you make that change and take the first steps in creating what you seek?
  11. BONUS: Ask five people in your life to describe you with three words. do this, friends. it is amazing to receive feedback. it feels good, but it also is very revealing, showing you how you see yourself and how others see you. Do those pictures/images of you match up? If so, in way? How does that feel? And if not, why not? How does that feel? Is there anything you can do to merge your image of yourself and how others perceive you?

please let me know if you would like to chat about any of these questions. we can totally set up a Skype date and talk through your answers/ponderings. otherwise, just enjoy your time reflecting on your life, who you are, what your want, and how you can help yourself continue to create the life that you dream of.

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life coaching, for me, is not about telling someone how to live their life and giving the answers to someone who is seeking something. it is about journeying alongside someone, facilitating conversation, helping someone to discover their own answers that they already have deep within them. it is guiding someone to begin to listen to their soul, and then to help them explore how to use that inner voice to guide them in creating the meaningful, intentional, inspiring life that they drew of and envision.

my approach to life coaching is about education, empowerment, and equality. it is an opportunity for me to teach and inspire the belief that our journey in life is both an inward journey + an outward journey, a balance of personal spirit and global/societal engagement.

it is my intention to do this though conversation, gatherings, spiritual writings and rituals, creativity, and nature. i dream of leading retreats and workshops, having online courses, publishing books, setting up community volunteer opportunities…  the possibilities are endless actually. through all of this, i hope to create a tribe, a community, which is at the same time, global and very personal. an online and real-life place where others can find like-minded, inspiring souls. a place where we explore how to live life to the fullest, as our authentic selves, and in turn, make a difference in the world.

my dear readers, thank you so much for journeying with me right now, as i create this community. this space. this dream of mine, which is slowly becoming a reality. you have absolutely no idea how much it means to me that you simply drop in here and read my crazy words. that you cheer me on in creating my dreams.

i just want you to know that, right now, i am so grateful for you. (now get busy reflecting on the questions. hehe.).

onwards + upwards! xoxo

8 thoughts on “why today is more important than any other day

  1. This is fantastic. As usual, your words & imagery put me right there with you. I would have loved doing that workshop. Oftentimes yes, the hardest lessons are the most important ones we ever have. I am going to take some time to ponder your questions. I agree that we have the answers, but it is a rare few of us who can get quiet enough to hear the answers.

    1. Thanks, love. It was an inspiring weekend for sure. And it was great to be “forced” to take the time to think about it all. I look forward to hearing what you may have to say after you let it sink in (notice it took me almost 2 weeks to be able to put any of my thoughts down). xoxo

  2. This post is such a good reminder to focus on the here & now. It is really all we have. So right now, after reading this, I am focusing on savoring the peace of a quiet Sunday morning, really tasting how good the warm coffe is, and feeling very relaxed. Thanks!

    1. Hello, Pat! I am so glad that you found something meaningful in this post. 🙂 It sounds like you’ve got a great understanding of how you can be in the moment. Hope you’ve enjoyed your Sunday!

  3. Wow! I can really sense your excitement for your future plans, I couldn’t be more happy for you. Thank you for sharing some questions to think about how my life is right now. I plan to take some time to reflect on these and then maybe do a blog post about them. It is so great to check in on your blog and soak up your inspiring thoughts. Lots of love to you xx

    1. Thank you for sharing in my joy + excitement. I can hear and feel your genuineness. I will be excitedly waiting to hear your responses to my questions, and to read any post you have. 🙂 Thank you so much for checking in! Sending you lots of love and hugs right back. xoxo

  4. Ditto to the above comments – I can feel the excitement from the screen jumping for you and your future plans!!! 🙂

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