Being present. Day 10: How to keep that grounded feeling all day long

I’m a morning person. Not only do I have boundless energy + tons on creativity in the morning, I also cherish my early mornings. Those moments that I spend by myself, setting the tone for the day, are just magical + grounding. One of the things that I used to notice, though, was that while the mornings always seemed so inspiring, I somehow lost that sense of being grounded as the day wore on. And it wasn’t until the next morning that I would realize that the things that had inspired me the morning before had slipped away as the day passed by.

So, the question was, how could I keep that “feeling”, that sense of mindfulness, all the time? Basically, how could I live a life in which I was truly present?

Well, I am definitely not a perfect guru at keeping that sense of grounding throughout the day, but I have figured out a few ways that help me to stay connected. Or, actually, ways to reconnect throughout the day. And, I think that it’s a personal preference. What I mean, is that it’s depends on who we are and the things that make our soul sing, the things that fill us up + inspire us.

For me, when I’m at work, I tend to get all wrapped up in what I am doing. It’s easy to just keep on rolling along, moving from one activity to the next, one crisis to the next, one session to the next. But, seeking to remain mindful + present, instead of just moving on from one thing to the next, makes everything more meaningful.

So, how do I do it? What do I do to keep my soul right up there in the middle of everything I do?

For me, it’s a bunch of little things. Like lighting candles in my office. Taking a few moments every hour or so to do some deep breathing. Looking into the eyes of the person that I am listening to.┬áBut, the biggest thing that I do is to get away + get outside for a few minutes.

Now, I’ll be honest, I don’t do it every day; in fact, I should do it more often than I do. But, on the days that I grab my coat + take a short little walk around the block and down to the river, I keep that connected feeling all day long. I get perspective. I find a bit of peace. I experience a sense of calm. And, I just sink deep down into that place of spirit.

Even in the middle of the hustle + bustle of the city, I see the divine + I feel that cosmic connection. In these moments where I step away and am alone, I renew my soul. Just as my mornings are my magical time to start the day off with a sense of grounding, this midday sabbath time serves the same purpose.

And, with just 5 minutes away, I am always ready to return to work for the rest of the day.

Today, I went out at about 1pm. I walked around the block + down to the river, stopping to take photos all along the way. It centered me, reminded me to be present, and helped me take notice of the beauty that is every-freaking-where…


I cannot recommend enough how important it is to find that “thing” that helps you reconnect. To carve out some time in the middle of the day, just for myself, has proven to be filled with rewards that not only inspire me, but also make me way more effective. So, slow yourself down in the middle of your work day. Take a few moments to breathe or go workout or take a walk or write or meditate or whatever you want to do. Just remember to care for your soul; and suddenly, you will realize that you are living all of your life with magic + meaning.


Slow down, wild souls. Especially during this season. xoxo. liz.


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