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Monthly Medicine: December is Fire + Balance

It is an incredibly cozy first day of December in my home. There’s a mix of rain + snow out my window, I’ve got my epic xmas playlist on, candles are lit, the tree is decorated, and I’m enjoying a never ending pot of…

1 Dec 2018
be meditation

Day 13 : In nothing, I found everything

Darkness. Silence. Solitude. Stillness. Are these words that make you cringe, make you feel lonely, frightened, calm, inspired, unsure? What feelings do they evoke in your soul? Whatever it may be, it’s totally ok. However you react to them, it is absolutely ok. And,…

16 Dec 2017
the seasons

Being present. Day 11: The light of Lucia

I’m not quite ready to celebrate the coming of light in the dark, for right now, today, we are beginning the darkest days/week of the entire year. Up here in Sweden, in my city of Uppsala, we have 4-5 hours of daylight right now.…

13 Dec 2017
be meditation

Being present. Day 9: The way to God is down

I’m home alone. The cat is snuggled beside me. I’m wrapped up in a blanket. A couple of candles are lit. Christmas music is playing. And snow is falling down outside my window. I need this moment. Not because something is wrong with me.…

11 Dec 2017

Being present. Day 5: Diary of a slow life

Thursdays mean the last day of the (outer) work week for me. It’s the last day of the week that I go to the school where I work as a mentor/coach for high school students. And at the end of the day, I downshift…

7 Dec 2017