release + rise with december’s new moon

It’s time to say goodbye to 2016. Finally. Am I right?

All in all it has not been the worst year ever; but it has been chaotic and messy, I think. The energy has been all over the place and that has forced me to learn a lot. Some of the lessons and growth have been amazing… like completing my life coaching certification. Other lessons have been thrust upon me in the form of family sickness and super work stress.

However, it is time to begin to put that all behind me. It’s time for you to put all of your stuff behind you too. And the new moon right now is the perfect symbol of releasing + letting go… in order to move on.

New moons are all about new beginnings. New cycles. New energy. New vibes. In the dark “moonless” night sky it’s as if we have a blank slate. Total darkness filled with potentiality + possibility just waiting to be discovered.

So, right now, my friends, we have a choice.

Either we can trudge into the new year dragging some of the confusion, pain, and chaos with us… or we can truly release all that has happened this past year and move into the mystery, magic, and new vibes of 2017. Which will you choose?

To release and let go, we have to say goodbye and close the door. That doesn’t mean that we forget and move on, as if nothing has happened. Instead, it actually means that we sit with it all for a minute or two. We think back and reflect and feel all that we have felt. We seek to understand the messages and lessons that we have been given, now that we have a bit of perspective. And then we set down our baggage and close the chapter of this past year.

For me, it means that I slow down and pause. I need to slow down in order to fully let go of the past and prepare to embrace what is and what is to come. Slowing down also allows me to deeply reflect and tune into the feelings that I have had, to process the emotions that I have felt and am feeling now. It also gives me an opportunity to understand how all that I have experienced has happened for a reason.

Doing this, I believe opens the door and readies my soul for new energies. It clears out the past and calms my spirit as I get ready to shift into a new year and a new way of being. 

For me, during this new moon, it’s all about creating space to prepare for the wonder + magic that awaits in the new year. And, in order to be fully prepared, I must first let go and release… and then I can move forward. I can move forward with grounded excitement + positivity.

The energies are very different for this coming year that for this past one. I just feel it. I have no idea what that means, but it feels much deeper. And, even in a turbulent world, after a chaotic + messy year, we have come out of it together. So, it is time to truly move on. To dig deep and rest in the truth that life always continues on… and that, no matter what, all will be well.

And so, my friends, if we are ready to move on, let’s take a deep breath. A breath for our own souls and for the collective energy of the world. And, let’s say goodbye to 2016… let’s release + let go. I mean, really release and let go, so that we can truly move on and set the stage for a whole new experience in 2017.

It’s time to rise, wild ones. New moon blessings to you all as we prepare to begin again.

xoxo. liz.

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