serenity + insanity

december has arrived, and so far it has brought me a big mixture of serene, cozy, quiet moments + crazy, stressful, frustrating moments. i hope that it won’t be such a big roller coaster month then entire time, but, if it is, then i’ll survive. i am certain that it is because no one should “plan” to make a big move to another country in the middle of a holiday season – craaaaazy. of course, we actually didn’t plan it this way. it just happened. and, also, of course, i am also certain that it is exactly the right timing to make this big life change. so, while i wish that the big mix of crazy and serene would even itself out a little bit, i have to admit that life is definitely not boring right now. hehe.

those calm and serene moments that help to balance out my serenity have been absolutely beautiful, and i just wanted to share with you some of them that i have captured with my phone over the past three days.

so get ready to take a little pause. breathe deep. and just let the solitude and serenity take over – reminding you that, even in the middle of a bunch of stress, there is always a moment of peace very close by. i believe that all we have to do is be aware…

xmas tree christmas coffee

december sky

basilica church chapel lights


funkatorium asheville beer

lights home christmas

pink sunrise

beer with my brother highland

light + peace to you, dear friends. xoxo

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  1. I love capturing a quiet moment in the middle of chaos. I’ve felt this often with such a busy few months and the house being upside down… But each simple moment is captured still. Life’s never too busy for that!

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