she is truly one of my heroes.

hope & peace to you all today. and always.


One of mine toos, ever since I watched the movie one Saturday afternoon all alone with no one else to share it with or to get it too.

Good and healing thoughts to you.


it is such a touching and courageous story. i first read “the diary of anne frank” when i was 13, and i felt overwhelmingly connected with her, since she was 13 at the time she wrote/died. since then, i’ve always been inspired by her. 🙂

peace & warmth.

Yes me too, I was about that age. Then I had to read her diary and talked about her and it and World War Two and was obsessed for years. I have a couple of her diary quotes on my healing quotes lists. Now when I see any of her quotes from her diary I always am impressed with how smart and empathetic and compassionate and wise she was.

Good and healing thoughts to you.


Looks like we all read it when we were her age and equally touched by such a strong personality and her life story.

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