you know what saturday’s are for? they’re for dancing!

ok. i just had to. i known that there are things that go viral on the internet. some are real, some are fake, some are cute, some are weird. and some (ok. many) of them i find annoying. but, no matter what the following video is, it is a message to all of us to live life. to make things happen. to get out there & enjoy the moments that otherwise are slipping by. so, it was worth my time watching.

now, my heart was stolen by this video for many reasons:

  1. it highlights a super cute kid
  2. it has a positive, fun message
  3. it’s creative
  4. it highlights my absolute favorite poem EVER
  5. it has good music in the background
  6. and, at the end, i felt like dancing

so, i’m gonna turn up the music today & dance around my apartment. and then, i’m gonna go celebrate the birthday of friend with bowling, dinner out, & a little bit of party party. and, now, i leave you with this video as your inspiration for saturday – for all of life! make it happen!

at the beginning of the year i decided that my word of the year would be carefree & i wrote about what that means to me here. while i’m remembering to let my ┬áspirit be wild & free every day, and to find the adventures hidden in every day, this video reminded me, once again, to keep at it! there is so much for which to be thankful. so many beautiful moments. so many adventures. and so many possibilities. and, i must say, i have found a new, energized spirit within me in 2013. something has been set free. something is growing. and it feels amazing! yep. i’m here to celebrate. every day.

now, let’s dance! peace.

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  1. This video has been going around the www for the past few weeks. I love this boy! And the poem! Thanks for posting it!

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