sometimes it’s just good to say hey.

good evening, people around the world. just a little post about nothing. it felt weird to let the day end without checking in to say hey. so, hey! hope you’ve had a good weekend & are enjoying a cozy sunday wherever you find yourself.  i can’t decide whether my weekend has been busy or not. hehe. there has been lots of time with my love, which feels great. a few tough moments, but that’s life, ain’t it? and a lot of olympic games watching every now & then. some family time – on the phone and in person, plus some much needed moments of quiet every day. i’m thinking i wanna to do some serious yoga tomorrow, loosen up my spine and open up my chakras.  other than that, i’ve got housewife duties on tap: laundry booked for the afternoon. and who knows what else? but, i’m still on vacation for 2 more weeks, so there is no need to plan too much. gotta love that feeling.

so, how has your weekend been? got any plans for next week?!


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  1. You know how my weekend has been lol.

    I don’t know what I’m going to do this week except work…you know, I used to be able to work out at the gym or go for long walks by myself but I can’t do that now. So, my therapy is music. And I think I’ll be listening to a lot of it for the entire week.

    Plans? Maintain my sanity, lol.

  2. You know, you have a lot of vacation! I’d be traveling all the time, but you did discuss this in another post.

    The roomies here were watching the Olympics as well all day long, it seems. It rained all weekend long, so perfect excuse to sit in front of the TV and see how Americaaaa scores. It was rather exciting.

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