spending saturday in the woods.

i had no idea how much i needed to get back to nature. ok. perhaps i did. i’ve been longing for it for quite some time, but i wasn’t associating this trip with getting back to nature. i was only thinking of it as work. good work, but work.

until i got there and saw this.

and suddenly i could breathe. i looked around and realized that it was just me & all this beauty around me, and yet i wan’t alone. the trees, the birds, the dirt, the flowers… they always provide me with such company. and i feel grounded. centered. calm. then i realized that i’d be in the midst of this for the next 36 hours. perfect. i was no longer just focused on the work that i would do, but on the fact that i was doing my work in the middle of nature… so this was my time to soak up the simple, organic life for a while. so perfect.

it was a busy, intense, and yet relaxed 36 hours filled with games, fun, quiet moments, rain, sunshine, mud, storms, bugs, water, campfires, food, coffee, devotions, walks, laughter, music, chats, not so much sleep, 16 unbelievably amazing teenagers, and some incredible adults.

this is what i get paid for, people. anyway, here are some shots of a fantastic weekend in the woods.

and so the first day came to a close. to be continued…


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    Also, in the last picture, the dark cloud looks just like a bird! So cool!

  2. It looks wonderful! Lupines are something I never see here, that I associate with Sweden. They are beautiful.

    I wonder if chocolate in bananas should be called “Swedish S’mores”: I think that has a pretty good ring to it.

    I thought the dark cloud looked like the dove of peace.

    1. sometimes i am overwhelmed by everything i see here in sweden… can’t believe that it’s real. it is like a fairytale or a story in some places. astrid lindgen is so great! i read them too as a child, well most pippi.;)

      1. It’s such a shame I’ve never been to Sweden! It’s really not far from Germany. I’m seriously considering to go there this summer after seeing your beautiful pics :). My favourite was “The children of noisy village”. I always wanted by like them ;).

    1. it had been a long time since i had been beside a campfire. i could’ve stayed all night. 🙂

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