waking up in the woods.

ok. so sleeping on a hardwood floor in a room with 16 teenagers with thunderstorms booming all around outside doesn’t make for the most comfortable of nights. and true, there was actually not that much sleeping on my part. like 2ish hours. but that was just “overly-cautious, i’m responsible” me. the kids were amazing, easy, and fantastic. and sure, it wasn’t tip top waking up to rain absolutely pouring down outside. nevertheless, i was waking up in the woods. in a cabin. away from the city. surrounded by simplicity.

here’s how my sunday looked.

started the morning with a cozy fire. these swedish kids can do everything.

a quiet walk in the woods alone before i began preparing lunch. the kids were in canoeing.

 game time. twister!

a walk down to the beach area at the lake. it may have only been 60ish degrees outside, but these swedes are tough. they think nothing of going swimming in whatever weather. the time of the year is summer… it doesn’t matter how it feels. plus they’re crazy teens. hehe.

very typical swedish. gorgeous.

camping liz. hey!

 some of the kids paddled over to the beach area. tough job on a windy day.

 amazing moments. (yes some of them are swimming. chalk it up to scandinavian blood.)

closing campfire sunday night with parents & families. some of the youth had to leave early, but some of us were there till the bitter end. thanks to my amazing youth & adults who made my first experience as camp chief a great one! i seriously could not have survived without all the help (especially since i had no idea what to expect). but i made it! initiation compete! i led my first swedish camp!

now, i’m back in the city and back to everyday life. feeling rested, no. but rejuvenated. looking forward to another big swedish tradition this coming friday… midsummer. think dancing around the midsummer pole and singing folk songs. soooo swedish.

but, of course, you’ll hear from me before then. thanks for reading!

have a beautiful tuesday. peace!

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  1. You did a great job. And i had so much fun. It’s fun to read your”unswedish” perspektiv on the Swedish life

    1. thank you, evelina!! o’m really glad that you had fun… that means a lot to me. hehe. it’s fun that you’re hearing my american thoughts. 🙂

  2. Having lived in the arctic Adirondacks, I know what it is to paddle a big lake against the winds & to swim in that frigid water (it’s okay- you get numb quickly- lol). The morning fire, smell of woodsmoke, & the absence of technology is refreshing. Looks like it was a fun time for all of you! 🙂

    1. it was great!

      i paddled & swam in lakes in the mtns of north carolina when i was younger. i think i had enough then. hehe. i had no problem letting the kids enjoy it without me. sitting on the rocks basing in the sun was perfect. 🙂

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