summer lovin’

finally things have sloooowed down. it feels like i can breathe. and i am most definitely feelin’ the summer vibes. in fact, i am typing these words on a thursday afternoon at home. i’ve been off from work today, tomorrow is a national holiday (midsummer), and i don’t work on mondays. so, this week was a two day work week, and now it’s a five day weekend. score me.

i’m thinking that this post is gonna be my little weekly update because i have special half year update coming out on sunday. it’s a long, doozy of one, but it was really good to write and celebrate the passing of the half year. plus, i’m leaving for a weekend adventure tomorrow, so i won’t really have time to be blogging. poor me, right?

in any case, this week has been filled with a whole lotta nature and a little bit of work. i’ve been taking it pretty easy and creating a bit of space for myself to shift into summer mode. spending as much time outside as possible. and it is totally working. summer lovin’ liz is here + ready to play.

i’m easing into relaxing so much that i even went to bed one night at 9:30 or so. and it was totally still sunshine-y out.

oh, and about that solstice/full moon thing earlier this week… did y’all get all weirded out by it or did it affect you in some crazy way? i had trouble sleeping some nights, even though i was so sleepy, and slept extra on other nights. but, after it finally passed, and as the week has gone on, i am feeling a whole new energy swirling about. it’s exciting, and yet, i am totally ok with just letting it swirl about for a while.

in the meantime, i am soaking in this pause and welcoming this summer season of peace and relaxation. and totally maxing out on summer lovin’

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i hope that you guys are having a great week. and i wish you the absolute best of summers (or winters). happy weekend to you, lovelies!

xoxo. liz.

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