tea time.

it’s saturday afternoon. and here’s where i’ve been all day…

hanging out with zola. reading. and just thinking about this amazing past week when julia was here with us…

shopping, having fika, touring, laughing, catching up. watching julia catch snow flakes on her tongue. she was super excited. and it made me happy. having her here made me happy.  (are there any more of you who want to come & visit? you are more than welcome!!)

enjoying our last meal together, thursday evening, which was an amazing tapas dinner followed by a cozy pub visit and lots of good conversation!

but i haven’t been just sitting on the bed all day reading & thinking. i did this too…

ate the warm, freshly baked bread that my love made this morning. and took some pictures of the blooming bulbs on our kitchen table.

and now i’m back in bed, doing this…

drinking hot tea to get rid of this cold that seems to be trying to take over my body. think i’m gonna nap a little now. shower a little later. and then it’s time to go to work (internship) with my love. hope your weekend is going great, dear readers! take it easy & enjoy life a little!

peace & rest.

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  1. Sounds like you had a great time, and I hope you feel better fast. (: I’d love to come visit and meet you, btw. I think it would be lots of fun. Love the pictures, too!

    1. hey, anytime you feel like making a trip to europe you are more than welcome to do a little couch-surfing on my couch! 🙂 it’d be cool.

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