spread the word.

i know that this video is all over the place right now, and sometimes it’s annoying to see everybody jumping on some bandwagon. at the same time, making videos, ideas, dreams, thoughts available to people worldwide and passing them on is one of the things that makes the internet so amazing. what a way to spread the word! social media, of which i am totally & complete fan, allows those people, ideas, & dreams to be connected. it is the catalyst to share hopes and to bring people together in ways like we have never known before. the internet’s power can be used for good.

and this video is one of the good uses of the internet, i believe.

it’s 29 minutes long, but i beg of you to take the time to watch it, if you haven’t. and then, i ask you to share it.

as elisa says (one of the bloggers i read), if we all posted the video on our blogs one day, and everyone woke up to see this video blowing up their blog feeds, twitter feeds, and Facebook timelines, then think what kind of impact that would have! so, i’m posting it today. but, i’m gonna post it again & again throughout the year…. in an effort to keep it from becoming a fad that simply comes & goes, in an effort to form a worldwide army of peace.

watch the video. visit the website. learn about joseph kony & all the atrocities he has done. hear the stories of the invisible children. and spread the word!

peace is possible.

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