the 2 weeks that blew me away // 38 + 39

holy shit. i’m not even sure i understand all that has happened during these past two weeks. i do know that i’m gonna try to cram in everything that happened in one post right now, when, in actuality, i could have done a post for practically every single day over the past 14 days.

but, instead of dragging this out, since i really seriously need (and want!) to get on with my life, i am going to create some sections or categories within this post.

there was so much big stuff, that not one thing took precedence over the other. it is literally impossible to say that my brother spontaneously coming to visit from the states for four days tops filming a tv show with lina, which then tops celebrating my birthday. all of this just on the heels of my completing my life coach certification and vamping up my weekly podcasts with my love.


it’s all so big and wonderful and beautiful. and it’s all just taken my breath away so much that i am finding hard to land again. i mean, regular life seems rather dull compared to the star-struck, kick ass, dreams-in-the-making life that i’ve been living for the last half of september.

but, back down to earth i most definitely want to return. i want to stay balanced + grounded. however, i deeply sense, intuitively know, that all of this action + excitement is just the tip of the iceberg. life is shifting. a life of slow, quiet, inward living is no more for me right now. no… i have learned how to live my life. how to stay balanced and live from that. and so, now it’s time to use all of that as my foundation and soar…

in order to fly, however, i really need to put to rest and give some closure to these past few weeks. not that i want to move away from them, but i know that it is time to. they were complete and total magic. and, now, it’s time to move forward + onward + upward. it’s time to continue to evolve + grow + transform.

first, though, here’s a look back over the second half of september. a month of soul-filling magic. of setting me on some path that i don’t yet know, but that i know begins with embracing all of this new energy around me.

// filming an american tv show (how is this even possible?!)

unfortunately, i cannot give you a whole bunch of details about this… yet. but, i can show you some behind the scenes peeks. it was 4 long, and fun!, days of shoots. lots of takes. lots of laughs. and even a bit of star treatment. needless to say, i could totally get used to this. i absolutely enjoyed every single moment. and the crew… they were outstanding. patient. fun. hilarious. and dare i say that we are all friends now. so. much. amazingness.

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img_0016 img_0018 img_0028 img_0061 img_0062

// birthday celebrations in the midst of filming.

i turned 42! my love woke me with a cozy breakfast in bed. my brother + bria came to visit – all the way from the states. the film crew bought me a cake. we hung out at a local brewery – about 14 of us – for hours and hours. it was just perfect.

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// back to filming!

yep. back to work on the tv show. i mean, i seriously loved it. and i can’t wait to share more. but, it’ll be a while. sorry. hehe.


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img_0100 img_0102 img_0138 img_0112

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// as i mentioned before, my brother + bria came for a visit from the states.

for FOUR days. talk about hard core travelers. i am still blown away by their amazing, selfless love. it was so much fun to cram in as much time as we possible could together. we even made a half day trip to stockholm.


img_0152img_0198 img_0199

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// the birthday gift

i got a camera!! a tiny little retro-looking digital camera perfect for documenting life. this is my motivation for moving away from my iPhone some, and for also upping my video-ing, vlogging game. so much fun stuff is in the works, my friends!

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// back to regular life

back to work. back to regular routines. but, only for a few days. and, then, this past weekend, lina’s sister + her husband came to visit. the weekend was filled with great food, drinks, and the beginning of the season of beautiful autumn walks.

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//a slow sunday + my first snaps with my new camera!


how have you guys been doing? what have you been up to?! hope you are all well… and enjoying the changing of the seasons as much as i am.

lots of love + light to you all.

xoxo. liz

6 thoughts on “the 2 weeks that blew me away // 38 + 39

  1. I cannot believe that you guys are going to be on a TV show!!! That’s just incredible. Any idea when it will be aired? Can you tell us anything else?
    Happy belated birthday, life-loving girl. Your zest for life is awesome (and contagious!) ❤

    1. Isn’t it just wild?! We are so very excited! It will be aired in the US in about 6 months, I think. They will send us a DVD and then I will see how it might be possible to get it up on my website in some way. 🙂 It’s a tv show called House Hunters International. They contacted me about a year and a half ago when we moved back to Sweden and said that they wanted to do an episode about us!!! We had to wait until we were buying in order to film, so it’s all been happening this summer! 🙂

  2. Sounds like a great few weeks!
    Your brother came over for 4 days – yep that is very impressive!
    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! xxx

  3. wOW! WOW! WOW!

    What excitement and what joy! Love how you fill every moment with living consciously and lovingly in the now.

    Woo Hoo — and a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! <3

    1. 🙂 Thank you dear Louise!! It has been an exciting time for us, that’s for you. Hugs to you. xoxo

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