well, we’re definitely not camera shy // episode #6

It’s been a while, my friends. Too long. And I have so much to share with you. So much really good stuff. But, that’s gonna have to wait until this weekend/next week when I get a chance to get back to blogging. 

For now, though, it’s Friday! And that means that I have a fresh, new podcast to share with you!

Lina and I may not have done any blogging at all this week, but we did sit down for our weekly chat  + put together this week’s Liz+Lina podcast! It’s chocked full with stories from our crazy, busy, fantastic week + a little inspiration for you too. 

So, carve out a little time for yourself this weekend. Grab some tea or coffee, or a glass of wine or a pint of beer, and snuggle up with us for a little chat about what we think about keeping life interesting. 

You can find the podcast by going to iTunes and searching for liz+lina in Podcasts. We’re also on Soundcloud + Acast. Also as liz+lina.

Or you can just click on one of the links below. Easy, right?! As always, if you have any questions or requests, please be sure let us know! Or ideas for upcoming episodes = something you’d like to hear us talk about. 


→ Soundcloud

Acast (if you search for our podcast, just type in “liz” and it’ll pop up. but, you don’t have to search, just click on the link!)
Happy listening!
xoxo. liz.

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