the beauty of the everyday

hi friends! It’s been a while since i’ve done a regular ole “what i’m doing now” post, so i thought i’d surprise you with a little wednesday greeting. it’s been a pretty cozy day for me, but the november weather has most definitely taken a turn for the worse. all of those lovely, bright, colorful days of october are just a distant dream now. and, even though it hasn’t been cloudy + chilly every day, the leaves are in a whole different phase – the turning muted, brownish kind of phase. beautiful in their own way, though, as lina is teaching me to say (since i complained about it yesterday. hehe).

yellow tree

so, here’s how my day has gone:

i took the car to get serviced this morning. fun fun. i had my computer with me, though, so i got a little writing and planning done. plus, there was an adorable little girl + her dad there who kept me entertained.

then, i went to fika with my fika group. yep, i am still meeting with my little coffee group on every wednesday in a different cafe in asheville. my year anniversary is coming up next week – how freaking crazy is that?! i believe that i now have over 150 fika lovers as part of the group. of course, on any given week, between 12 and 18 usually show up. which, in itself is a big group for a cafe. today, however, there were only 7 of us. and that was super cozy. i had a chance to really talk with some people.

it’s crazy. it’s such an eclectic group of people. one of my members lives in his car – keeping his footprint on the earth as minimal as possible. a few have swedish relatives + connections. most are new to asheville. there are older ladies, middle-aged men, a few lesbian couples, some young working people,  a few high maintenance people, some complainers + bitch-ers, some sunshine-y, thoughtful people, and a lot of creative, eclectic artists. all in all, a super amazing group of people from all walks of life.

and, even though the group has driven me crazy sometimes, like when people complain to me about the size or shape of the tables at the cafe (seriously!) or leave rude, hurtful bullying comments, it has been a true blessing and an incredible opportunity to meet people and help connect people to one another. i suppose that it has become my little fika congregation.

me selfie ego

but, the highlight of my day so far has been a friend request on Facebook. one of my former students at a high school i used to teach at in asheville 4 years ago found me on fb and asked me to “friend” him. so, i did. now, this kid (who is now an actual adult – gaaaah!) was very special to me back when i was teaching. he and i had a great working relationship, and i ended up being someone he learned to trust and count on. he was just a sweetheart, and all i wanted was for him (like my other kiddos) to succeed and feel good about who he was.

anyway, after friending him, he sent me a message, which humbled and touched me to my core. it is not often that teachers (or anyone) have the chance to hear how they have (hopefully) affected a student. but, this student of mine, wrote to tell me that i made a difference to him, that he could not have made it through high school without my help.

yep. now i can die happy. if there is one thing that i have always wanted in life, it is to know that i have made a difference to someone’s life. that who i am and what i have done matters – that’s what we all want. needless to say, hearing all the kind warms warmed my heart greatly, but knowing that this student is doing well, is happy, and is working, and has a girl that he loves, makes me even more happy. i am one freaking proud teacher. *wipes a tear from her eye*


now, i am all settled in at a cozy, funky cafe with my love. we are having a little working date together, sipping on chai and pumpkin spice lattes. soon, it’s time to go to a dinner party at our friends’ home around the corner from here. we’re gonna make some amazing plans for the summer – they are musicians/artists and we are planning a tour for them to europe! (gesine and nicole and midas, if you are reading this, we probably be contacting you regarding this soon!).

i just have one more thing to say, then, i’ll let you get on with your day… days like this, regular days, may seem ordinary and boring. but, when we look back and look at all of the little moments together, we see that our lives are actually extraordinary. at least that is how i feel today. blessed. inspired. grateful. and so very happy.

what have you done today? what do you have planned? i’m sending you lots of love + light + and wishing you a beautiful evening or morning. all of my love and peace i leave with you.


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  1. You are an inspiration Liz. Keep up the great work and keep writing about it. I enjoy reading your blog every morning over my hot cup of green tea. Peace & Love, Lorlinda

    1. my goodness, loran, what a lovely comment! that is all i could hope for, that someone enjoys the things i post while sipping on a cozy drink. thank you so much for sharing that! light + love

  2. I like simple days. They are very special too. Though today has FLOWN by! Sometimes I think time just goes faster!
    European tour sounds exciting – are you travelling too?
    And your fika group sound interesting – though who’s leaving bullying comments to who? And as a cafe owner – I’m sure they are chuffed to bits you bring a tribe in – I would be! (And you’d probably fill our place 😉 )

    1. time does go so fast! faster with each day, i think. yes, i will be joining my friends on the european tour! i’m helping to find friends in places who can get us places to stay and places to play! sooo exciting!

      ah, the bullying. the comments are to me. but, what to do when there are 100 people involved, it’s just not possible (nor do i try!) to make everyone happy. though, it gets annoying at times.

      1. Ah f*** ‘um! That’s what I’d advise! A big group of people is often impossible to cater too, not would I try. Anything we do in the cafe, we get a mild amount of that… you know people like I can’t do that date, blah blah blah, you gotta work with your own timescales, first and foremost always! So just tell them they’re barred 😉
        But seriously, some people are too stupid for words and should definitely be directing any stupid comments to you dear!
        PS> I look forward to hearing about the european tour – the where’s and whens… we (me and gem) travel easy and love a weekend away and flights from the UK are so easy and cheap to places – you never know we could make a meet up happen!!!

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