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how an oak tree grows: a zen parable about awakening

hello, dear friends. it’s wednesday evening, and it’s already been pitch black dark for about 4 and a half hours. i’m snuggled under the blanket, curled up in the corner of the sofa. my love is putting a puzzle together on the floor, and…

4 Nov 2015
culture photography

ten on ten :: september 2015

hello + happy friday! it’s september 11th, as you all know. and it’s a day that will always be a somber one for americans and many others around the world. i always, always pause for a moment to reflect on that horrible morning in 2001…

11 Sep 2015

my routine upgrade: how to keep making sh*t happen

time to create a new routine. last march, when i moved into the apartment where i currently live, i created a routine to help me get sh*t done.  i have done a fair job of following through with that routine i’d say. but, times are…

8 Sep 2015
the sacred everyday

// week thirty six // a whirlwind of a week

i feel like i’m spinning. but, yet, not spinning out of control. this past week was cray cray. in pretty amazing ways. but, now that i have had the weekend to kind of let everything settle inside of me, i realize that i’m at a…

7 Sep 2015

ten on ten :: august 2015

it just so happens that this month’s ten on ten post fell on a regular ole day in the middle of my staycation vacation. my love + i have been traveling in sweden a tiny bit, having fun day adventures, my brother’s visited sweden,…

11 Aug 2015
meditation photography

ten on ten :: june 2015

another month is gone, and we are practically halfway through 2015. that blows my freaking mind. it’s gonna be great to have this little chronicle of one day of regular life from every month, so i can look back + see how things have…

11 Jun 2015

ten on ten: april 2015

hi everyone! yesterday was friday the 10th, so that means that i took a bunch of photos to chronicle my day! i am taking part in a little photo challenge called ten on ten. it’s so much fun! it was actually a pretty busy…

11 Apr 2015