The full hunter’s moon ushers in October’s final release

I’m no hunter. Nor do I want to be. Well, not in the traditional sense, at least. But, October’s full moon (which was yesterday) is still sending out her hunter’s moon vibes + I am all about a little late October soul-hunting.

You know, there’s a reason October’s mood is so, well, moody. It creates the perfect atmosphere for dropping deep into the dark corners of the soul, as frightening as that might be. But, if I dare to align my spirit, my mindset, my awareness with the rhythms + energy of October, then a little soul-hunting is pretty much inevitable.

The beginning of the month set the stage for the dark, magical mood of October. Nature’s surrender to the cycle of life (and death) created a palette of warm + cozy autumnal colors, cool + damp air, an ever-growing darkness, and a feeling of mystery + introspection.

The middle of the month led me deep into my own soul to explore the archetype of the witch. A wild, connected, powerful archetype that has dared me to acknowledge + embrace my own inner witch. I’ve meditated on the wild, wise woman of the deep forest. I’ve baked + cooked pumpkin-inspired recipes with a dose of sacred intention + a sprinkle of magic. I’ve cleaned my home with focus + meaning. I’ve read books + passages about witches that I would’t dare touch earlier. I’ve even begun to admit + understand my own power in a whole new way – my powers of presence, calm, and inspiration.

But, even though I have tapped into + unearthed my inner witch this month, I am in no way near being done with this journey – which actually will be a lifetime of uncovering, discovering, and embracing. As it is with the soul’s journey.

And, at just the right time, here comes October’s hunter’s moon to push me even further, to inspire me even more, and to remind me that this month has really only been the preparations for the months that lie ahead.

Under the waning energy of the full hunter’s moon, there is a call to release – as there is under all full moons. But, this full moon was the last one before we are deep into November’s dark void. So, right now, as October comes to a close + Halloween/Samhain is just a few days away, I feel called to slow down a little but more than usual + think deeply about what I need to release. All of this is part of my soul’s preparation for what is to come + for living into my own inner witch/power.

With the end of October and the celebrations of Halloween/Samhain, we come to the end of nature’s year + the last harvest. The surrender of the leaves continues for a few weeks more, showing me the continued acceptance of the cycle of life + death. The darkness grows longer + the descent begins to slow. We are coming to the bottom.

Soon, we will be entering November and it’s confusing, liminal, empty, dark days. Soon it will be time to gather inside, with all of our preparations complete so that we have all that we need for the long, cold, dark winter.

So, during these last few days after October’s full hunter’s moon, as I follow the rhythm of nature, prepare to celebrate Samhain + the end of nature’s year, feel the energy of death + darkness swirling around me, and continue to let the witch in me begin to rise, my focus is to release what I do not need or want to take with me into winter’s cave. Now is the time that I become a soul-hunter, gathering + storing away all of the tools, practices, and energy I need before the time I surrender to the dark and sink down into the earth to let my roots grow, my body rest, and my spirit turn inward.

Now is the time to release so that, with the coming of November, the focus can be rest, renewal, and the retrieval of the magic + potential that lies in the wisdom of the cold, dark, silent months ahead.

If there is anything I am hunting right now, it is courage to release all that does not serve me anymore, old habits, old beliefs, old wounds that have been holding me back. I am hunting all of the courage to release the grief of this past year… the pain of all of the heartbreak, frustration, and disappointment of losing a baby and of not having seen my parents+ brother/his girl in 2 years now. And I need to let all of this pain go, just as the leaves let go from their branches. Letting go means that transformation can occur + something new can be created.

As I release all of this over the next few days, I do not forget the pain. But, I also do not let it take up as much space as it has. Now is the time to empty my soul, to surrender to the unknown, to make space for new magic, to create the dark space to hold new dreams, hopes, plans, and wisdom. For those are the gifts of the winter that is coming.

Blessed full hunter’s moon, babes. Deep breath now. Release. Release. Release.

xoxo. liz.

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