the week that i tapped into some big magic // 35

isn’t amazing how inspiration works?! i mean, almost, as if out of nowhere, you find yourself struck with a certain feeling. and if you’re lucky, you get caught up in some kind of magical flow.

you feel inspired by something, then you share your inspiration. then you get inspired again, and then you create and share something else. it’s a beautiful, mystical dance between spirit + soul. nothing is done on purpose. it just is. and it just flows. everything is aligned perfectly, and the more you you feel inspired, the more you create. the more you create, more inspiration comes. the vibes are unexplainable. and everywhere you go, everything you do, everyone you encounter is infused with this big, inspiring, mystical magic.

for some reason or another, this what i have been swept up in this week. at home, it’s as if creativity + inspiration has taken on a life of its on and lives around and within me. like this magical, breezy wind swirls and dances, has been moving about my apartment constantly. enveloping me in inspiration.

at work, it’s been the same. that magical feeling has followed me all week long, in all that i have done, from meetings to counseling session to class time with my students. the magic has been right there, creating connections and leaving positive energy in its wake.

and, not only have i been caught up in it all, so has lina. everyday that i have come home, she has created something beautiful and wonderful. blogging, working on our home, organizing, dreaming, researching. everything she has done has been filled with a magical feeling of endless creativity. and we’ve been discussing this feeling with each other all week long. it’s felt insanely amazing.

the magic has even made its way to new hampshire, where my brother is on his own inspirational journey of discovery. we’ve texted a ton this week… and i can feel all of the vibes present with him as well.

where does this crazy, inspired feeling come from? why do we feel it so intensely sometimes + then feel nothing at all at other times? 

well, since i am using the word “magic”, i think that it’s not something that we can control. or harness. but, that’s the temptation, isn’t it? to find a way to capture + bottle that feeling, so we can pull it off our shelf whenever we want a little bit. like having fairy dust to sprinkle on ourselves whenever we need an inspiration boost.

it doesn’t work like that, does it? i believe that all we can do is to be open + ready. inspiration comes + goes. just like the wind. our job, should we accept it, is to be aware + awake + ready to receive.

in this sense, we are co-creating with magic. with inspiration. with spirit.

but, it takes courage. it takes bad ass-ery to show up every single day. not knowing whether inspiration will accompany us throughout the day or not. but, bad asses, artists, philosophers, heroes, show up every day. armed with their gifts + their passions + their intention to be true to themselves. and they do this every damn day. again + again. never giving up. always plugging through – especially on those un-inspirational days.

the real artists, the writers, the heroes, the musicians, the thinkers, the dreamers, they actually don’t give two shits about whether the magic shows up or not. because the magic is in the living. their passion is so strong that they can do nothing else but what they do…. believing and knowing that living a creative life involves ebb and flow. it is a collaborative life. with each other and with the spirit of inspiration. it is not meant to be tied down. planned. or predicted. because it is magic and mystery.

these are the people who live a creative life because, to them, there is no other way to live.

and i want to be like them.

you know… this week, i think i was. i got a glimpse of some incredible magic. and i let it take over all of me.

moleskin writing
stared the week with a powerful meditation about being open to everything. i think that got me started off right.
rain me puddle
i mean, y’all, even the rain was beautiful to me.
work downtown building uppsala
as i said in my text above, work was incredible. my students were so inspiring. they dug deep to think about who they really are + pondered with me the things that are really important in life.
work desk
and the counseling session i had with some of my students… just incredible. i felt like was flying every day, all day long. so in love with my work.
war is over poster
my love ordered a surprise gift for me!!! a real john lennon/yoko ono poster. two of my heroes in life. it’s hanging in the living room, inspiring me constantly. thanks, baby!
morning tree
early morning sunrise moments of solitude. just perfect.
august summary photography collage
my august collage. it was so beautiful and intense and amazing. and i was all over the world. just how i like it.
my love + i have ideas for our kitchen. and she has started making those dreams a reality. new plants. a new kick ass light fixture. love!
me window home
nature. the sky. sunsets. they all inspire my soul.
sunset uppsala sky
see what i mean?
lamp kitchen
spent saturday under our new kitchen lamp… creating this blog post. reflection on inspiration + magic.

so, my pledge to myself, whether next week looks + feels as magical as this one did or not, is to show up. to do the work. to just keep living my passion. every single day. trusting and knowing that living an authentic life, aligning my everyday life with my inner soul,  is like standing in a wide open golden field, or by the edge of the ocean, or in the rugged desert where the sky + the earth meet, with my arms spread wide, twirling and swirling and dreaming, ready to receive. living in constant awe + gratitude. filled with wonder + expectation. and believing in the infinite possibilities that lie out there and also within.

i do not give two fucks as to whether i feel the inspiration or not. i mean, yes, it feels freaking amazing to have felt how i have felt this week. but, i’m not chasing that feeling. i’m only seeking to live how i want to live, create what i want to create, and enjoy the hell out of it all. if i am inspired, or inspire someone else, along the way, then i will celebrate that as an incredible gift of glimpsing the big magic that is all around us all of the time.

“because when it all comes together, it’s amazing. when it all comes together the only thing you can do is bow down in gratitude as if you have been granted an audience with the divine… because you have.” – elizabeth gilbert

feel the magic, my friends. because, you never know when the gift of inspiration will come knocking + fill your soul with even more creativity and passion and joy. 

xoxo. liz.

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