the week that was my adult staycation spring break // 13

hey you guys! it’s spring up here in the northern hemisphere! or… not. the date says that it is spring. the weather? not so much. it’s trying to be spring here in sweden, but it’s taking foreeeeever. as usual. that’s how the seasons roll up here in the nordic countries. winter is gone (though snow could still happen), and the temps are slowly climbing. what i am missing, though, is sunshine. however, it is april. and april showers bring may flowers, right? that’s what i keep reminding myself.

have no fear, though, there are other signs of spring around here: they are cleaning the streets! (they put down pebbles in the winter to help with ice + snow). restaurants are putting out their outdoor furniture! (time for coffees + beer in the sun!). the nights are already getting way longer (the sun doesn’t set until almost 8pm!).

so, we’re working on it up here. spring is beginning to show her colors and summer isn’t far behind. woo hoo.

last week, was the ultimate sign, though. it was spring break! i had 6 whole days off from work, only two days of workdays (without students) at the end of the week, and lina and i had our dear friend gesine come from germany for a long weekend visit!

so, here are a few photos of how i spent my adult staycation spring break! enjoy!

ended my work work with a little trip to the cathedral, just before good friday

uppdala cathedral

friday morning. first day of vacation. and we have internet! blogging + coffee… all day long.

home bedroom cozy

a little saturday morning coffee + sunshine. sitting on my front stoop. 

sunshine home coffee

saturday night coziness with friends + family. wine + beer + snacks + good conversations.

wine beer friends home

happy easter sunday. a slow, beautiful morning at home.


and then… an adventure with my love, my bro in law, and our friend to the mall of scandinavia!

mall of scandinavia

and an imax movie! 

max stockholm

brough home a few succulent babies, who are now hanging in my kitchen window. love!


monday morning. cozy in bed again.

zola home bedroom

a little hang in the backyard with a cup of coffee.

flowers spring

the succulent babies!

succulents window home

downtown for a little shopping + errands.


shopping jeans

a magical sunset before my two workdays begin

sunset home

i turned on my work phone when i arrived Thursday morning, and this is what i read. so sweet.

work mentor

a short run to a cafe for a flat white to go – and then back to work!

coffee me

our friends, gesine came on thursday evening. we made tacos at home + watched movies + caught up. it’s the little things, you know.

tacos home

april’s sunrise sky

april sky

friday!! a visit to one of our favorite pubs to celebrate… well, life!

beer friends

beer me

saturday adventures at IKEA. hehe. 

ikea me lina

ikea me lina

  slow sunday mornings around the table

french toast

games friends

kitchen benches home

now, it’s back to reality. but, it’s all downhill from here. two months of school days left and then a month of administrative work at the school. thennnnn…. vacation!!

so, my friends, i sure do hope that you had a little time off during the spring break/easter time. and i hope that you are looking forward to whatever lies ahead for you. and no matter whether it’s regular everyday life, an incredible adventure, or something in-between… it’s always the little things that make life beautiful and meaningful.

xoxo. liz.


5 thoughts on “the week that was my adult staycation spring break // 13

    1. Thanks – they were fun memories to make too! 😉 The board game is called Vagabond and it’s a travel t trivia game! It’s pretty hard stuff, sooooo much I don’t know, but super fun. And, yes! I noticed that spring had sprung in a few of your IG photos! Yay! We’re still waiting… 🙂

    1. Thank you dear Louise! Why yes, I do love life! And I am so glad that my love of it comes through. 🙂

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