04.16 grounded // a playlist for finding inner peace

How do you stay connected to your self? How do you find balance and listen to your soul? Where do you go + what helps you to ground yourself, and helps you keep yourself stable and strong and inspired?

This month’s Spotify playlist  (and theme of the month) is all about finding that place where we each can feel the ground of our being, whether it be through spirituality, nature, art, religion, yoga, literature, mediation, cooking… and so on. I truly believe, as I have lived + experienced it, that it this is where we begin. This is where we listen and discover and build. It is our foundation.

During April, I want to focus on that foundation. I want to commit to connecting to it, strengthening it. I want to dig way down into my soul. And I invite you to do the same. To allow yourself the time to literally just be. To find that thing, those moments, that bring you peace, that gives you a sense of who you are. I truly believe that it is a spiritual matter. And, that, if we are looking for inner peace, an inner peace that gives us a calm, strong, empowered sense of purpose and meaning, then grounding ourselves is exactly what we need. If we want to find our souls and the courage to face anything at all, living life as our true selves, then grounding ourselves is exactly where we should begin.

One of the most powerful ways to ground myself, aside from meditating, is through music. I create my monthly playlists as a tool to use every day throughout the month to help me stay grounded and focused, to remind me of my theme of the month, of a different spiritual discipline or how to live a slow, mindful life. The themes that I choose are ways that I seek to live life to the fullest, and ways of living a true, meaningful life.

Each morning, I open up my playlist for the month and hit shuffle. I let the magic in the air choose the song for me. And then I let the music and lyrics soak into my soul. I listen to the message that the universe has for me that day.

I use the playlist every day throughout the month. Many times I listen to the song as the closing part of my meditation time in the morning. During this daily time of just being, I am grounded. I am reconnected with and reminded of who I am and how I want to live my life. I just let myself be, and a calm inner peace pulses through my veins. This is where I learn how to be strong, how to live life Because of these moments, I learn to take that grounded, peaceful feeling with me into everything that I do throughout the day.

So, I invite you to listen to the songs + let your self connect to the roots deep within you… your soul, your spirit, the being and energy that connects us all. Let the lyrics inspire you and the music energize you.

Let the music become a ritual, a time of meditation for you. Your 2-4 minutes of grounding each day. Explore + experiment with it. Read, meditate, sing, create, walk, practice yoga, light a candle, breathe, whatever. Practice this discipline every single day. And do it completely mindfully. In the end of the month, you will feel differently.

So, find your own way, or contact me if you have some questions to need a suggestion. But, let’s see how grounding ourselves can make a difference. Ok my friends, here’s to a month of standing firm in who we are + living authentically as ourselves.

xoxo. liz.

click here to get the playlist + get grounded.


In The During Of A Moment – The Lowest Pair
Breathe – The Bird and the Bear
Balance or Fall – Dylan LeBlanc
Roots – The Melodic
How to Grow a Woman From the Ground – Chris Thile
To Be Still – Alela Diane
Mountains O’ Things – The Duhks
This Must Be The Place – Iron & Wine, Ben Bridwell
Evening – The Wilderness of Manitoba
Springtime – The Head and the Heart
Bloom – Bonus Track – The Paper Kites
Sing To The Mountain – Elephant Revival
Let’s Be Still – The Head and the Heart
Here – The Pines
Fine and Mellow – Hurray For The Riff Raff
In The Blue Hours Of Morning – The Oh Hellos
Fire By Night – Josh Garrels
Spring Wind – Greg Brown
The Opening Act Of Spring – Acoustic – Frank Turner
The Forest Awakes – David Byrne, St. Vincent
Wake Me Up – Acoustic – Aloe Blacc
Outside, Digging – James Vincent McMorrow
Wherever You Are – Parker Millsap
Things That I Lean On – Wynonna, Jason Isbell
Morning – William Wild
Yellow Eyes – Rayland Baxter
Peace Tonight – Elephant Revival
Daydreaming – Middle Brother
Morning Song – Red Sky July
Lead Me Home – Fm Radio
Every Time the Sun Comes Up – Sharon Van Etten
The Garden – Ruth Moody
Beggar in the Morning – The Barr Brothers
Agape – Bear’s Den
I’ll Slip Away – Rodríguez
Nothing But The Silence – Striking Matches
Salvation Song – The Avett Brothers
I’m OK – Br’er Rabbit
Morningside – Dana Sipos
Sitting Room – Beta Radio
Small Things – The Audreys
Gethsemane – Dry the River
Sun Song – Laura Veirs
Call and Response – Or, The Whale
Sacred Ground – Over The Rhine
The Sun – Ukulele Clan Band
Daughter of the Woods – Vudu Sister
I Am Mine – Beta Radio
On Trees And Birds And Fire – I Am Oak
Settled Down – Mandolin Orange
Sun It Rises – Fleet Foxes
Ring Around The Moon – Elephant Revival
Build Me Up From Bones – Sarah Jarosz

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