the week that was one step closer to my vacation // 27

It’s time.

I just wrapped up my last regular week of work. I say regular because I am still working, still on the clock, this upcoming week. Howeeeeever, I get to work from home. And my love will be away all week long. So there is nothing regular at all about this next week.

And that means that it’s vacation time!

My ordinary, everyday, regular life days are over from now until the middle of August.

Now it’s time to coast into full-time summer mode for an entire month. God, how I am grateful for living in Sweden and getting 4 weeks paid vacation in the summer. (And I’ve got almost two weeks worth of paid vacay left after that!). Mind blown.

As for this past week, it was pretty damn effective, given that it was my last one at the office. Of course, I worked hard during the day and ushered in summer/vacation mode at night.

So here’s a bit of how my week looked:

Just so you know, to get my summer transition week started, I’ve been spending this entire weekend in the archipelago. A week with Swedish friends and family out in the magical Swedish nature… by the sea.

In fact, I’m still there now, as you read this. Lucky me, right?

I’ll share a few pics when I get back on Tuesday. Promise. Until then, here’s to wishing you a beautiful, slow Sunday, my dear friends.
xoxo. liz.

2 thoughts on “the week that was one step closer to my vacation // 27

    1. Sooooooon!!! Do you have time off?! Or do you two spread your time off throughout the year, as I think you do?

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